Here is your Seven Cups Forecast for the month of September 2017. This reading is set with the intention that it is applicable for all those who read this blogpost.

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General Energy

The image I received for the general energy this month was that of a heart beating.  The background was totally black and the image would not let me “pull out” to see more.  Instead it focused on that bottom left chamber that was pumping blood with an audible – bump bump, bump bump.

The impression I received with this visualization was that this month is an opportunity for you to make a decision.  What kind of energy are you going to spread throughout your body with the power of your heart?  You have this opportunity to spread love or spread fear.  This is your choice and your choice alone.  You have the power over what you watch on tv and who you interact with on social media.  It is your choice whether to absorb the fear and negativity that is so rampant in today’s society or to instead choose to focus on love.

With that eclipse at the end of August we have entered a new six month cycle.  We are at this shifting point in our lives and our world.  This shift can go towards light or it can meander to darkness.  Each one of us has the power to effect this shift.

A lot of people have been wondering why there is such an influx of hate and fear at this time in our history.  But the reality is – there has always been this hate and fear.  What has changed is the amount of light that is out there in the world right now.  The best way I have heard this explained was by Ahlara from The Light of Truth.  First think of yourself standing outside on a sunny day.  Look at the shadow that is formed.  When the sun is really bright out that shadow is really dark and easy to see.  But when it is cloudy out then that darkness becomes harder to distinguish.

This is what is going on in the world right now.  There has always been these groups and people who focus on hate and fear – but they weren’t as easy to see back then. Now, with all the lightworkers here on earth, that darkness is even more distinguishable and prominent in our society.

It is up to you to decide which part of this picture you want to be.  Do you want to be the sunlight or do you want to be the shadow.


The image for your work life this month was that of a rabbit (I don’t know what it is about this rabbit but he always appears in the work and money categories) sitting at a large desk and counting his money.

The impression from this image is that this month you should make sure that you are receiving all the money that is owed to you.  Make sure that your company or whoever you work for or with is actually paying you what you are owed.

And for those in the metaphysical/psychic/tarot/new age field this counts for you too.  Money is not something to be feared or shunned.  It has an energy just like you have an energy.  When you do a reading or give a healing to someone you are expending energy.  If you are not compensated for that energy in a fair manner you will find yourself being depleted.  This is not good for anyone because it may leave you sick or unable to give as much of yourself.

With this in mind I will tell you that starting in about mid-September (after Mercury is done with its retrograde cycle) I will be increasing the prices of some of my items in my etsy store.  Mainly the Quick Chakra Analysis and the Aura Readings will go up in price.

I encourage you to look at the work you do and make sure you feel that you are being fairly compensated for your time and effort.  For me, when I first listed these offerings the price was fair and correct.  But since that time I have developed and matured in my sight and now that price no longer reflects what I put out.  Are you being fairly compensated?


For the money category I received the exact image that came to me last month – that of a coin spinning on a table. From this image I know that this month it will be important for you to examine any deals you enter into.  Make sure you are not getting a dud and that what is provided to you is what you agreed upon.

This is also pertinent because Mercury remains retrograde until the middle of the month and then still has a little time before it gets out of its shadow period.  Look at how this Mercury retrograde has effected you.  Not all Mercury Retrogrades are the same.  This one in particular effects me strongly since my natal Mercury is also in the sign of Virgo.  Look to see where this retrograde hits your natal chart before signing any big contracts.


The image I received for love was that of a big pink umbrella that was blocking rain falling down.  From this image I got the impression that this month we all need to focus on not letting other individuals negativity effect us and instead of meeting it with anger or rage to block it and fill it with love.

For those that are single and looking to mingle, make sure that the people you hang around and meet are vibrating at the level you want in your life.  Does that guy in accounting seem really attractive but all he can talk about is his biggest complaint of the day?  Maybe that isn’t who you want to invite into your life right now.

If you are in a committed relationship don’t let your spouse or partner’s attitude effect yours.  Do what you can to keep yourself vibrating at a higher level and you will be pleasantly surprised to see a shift in your loved one.  Remember – we vibrate at the frequency of that which is around us – just like a tuning fork.  If you are vibrating at the higher frequency of love that is going to effect your partner for the better.

If you are single and not looking to mingle make sure to use that pink umbrella of love to deflect any comments you are getting from your friends or colleagues. Practice some self care and shower yourself with love instead of negativity.  Maybe even buy yourself some pretty flowers this month as a visual reminder of how special and wonderful you really are.


The image for the family category is that of a little boy popping his head out of a corn maze.  He has decided to find his own way out and not follow the designated path.  This month, don’t feel like you need to do what the Jone’s are doing – you can be your own unique family and follow your own path.

Really focus this month on creating the family life that you want and not the family life that you are told by the media that you should have.  Don’t let the fear of what other people will say change the way you live your life.  You don’t need to follow the same path as everyone else – create your own.


For your spirituality this month I saw the image of a purple and red flower slowly opening up and raising in the presence of the sun as that light hit the darkness that surrounded this plant.

From this image I got the impression that you are becoming more receptive to different viewpoints in your life.  This is, in part, due to the violence and hatred that has been in the news and media lately.  You see this hate and you immediately want to distance yourself from it and tell yourself that you are not that kind of individual – you do not associate yourself with those hate groups.  But then you may find yourself confronted with your own shadow side – your own darkness – that slight judgment that you didn’t realize you held for those of different faiths – be they pagans, Christians or Buddhists.  This month you will have that opportunity to confront your own biases and judgments and see them for what they are.

This hate that we see has the opportunity to help transform that shadow side of yourself into a being of love.  Let those judgments and negativities you feel for others diminish and allow yourself to see everyone as a connected whole.


The advice for this month comes from our bird friend the heron.  This month dabble in a bit of whatever your find an interest in.  That religion that you used to judge – read a book on it or a few websites and see if anything sparks your interest.  That activity you have been interested in trying out but keep putting off – this is the month to give it a try.

We continue the theme from the family category of doing things your own way.  Do not let what other people may think or what you believe you are “supposed” to do affect the way you are living.  Try out those activities and hobbies that interest you.  Read the book you want to read not the one that you think will make you look smarter.  Really work on being true to yourself this month – whoever that individual may be.

Empowerment Actions

I always like to end a reading with empowerment actions, these are things you can do to bring this reading into your day to day life.

This month your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find a swing set and spend a few minutes just enjoying yourself and the feeling of going back and forth – of flying through the air.  Embrace that inner child and find that inner happiness.  Be that heron.

The crystal energy to work with this month is anything pink.  This could be a piece of rose quartz or pink tourmaline.  The color pink corresponds to the higher heart chakra and acts of self love.  Allow yourself to feel this vibration this month.  Love yourself so that your higher vibrating energy can then spread to those around you.

The affirmation for this month is the children’s song – “This little light of mine”.  Let yourself sing this song and feel your inner light shining.

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