You want to know a secret?  Sometimes I am still afraid of the dark.  Getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom brings up images of scary things lurking in the shadows.  Are you still afraid of the dark?

For some people this fear of the dark didn’t leave with childhood.  Instead it persisted.  I’ve heard from a number of individuals that are “sensitive” who have admitted this fear is still there.

And really, it isn’t necessarily a “fear” more of a sense that you feel too much at night – see too much – know too much.  Sometimes you just want to sleep peacefully at night and not be bothered by the “other”.

So what do I and others in this field do about this feeling?  I’ve listened and collected a variety of techniques over the years and I’m putting them here in case you or someone you know needs to have a better night’s rest.

Mantras, Prayers and Spells

One of the best ways I have found to distract myself from letting my mind wonder to all the scary possibilities of what lays just beyond my senses is to say a mantra.  I have found using the simple mantra “Love” repeated over and over again to myself while I get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom to be very helpful.  This also helps keep me anchored in the hear and now and does not let my mind venture off into the world beyond.

I also believe in the power of prayer and if this resonates with you saying a prayer over and over again as you fall asleep can be a helpful method.  I have heard some individuals like to use The Lord’s Prayer which can be effective for this method.  I enjoy using Unity’s Prayer for Protection as it is something that I use regularly in my daily practice.

And for my witchy followers a quick spell is always a wonderful way to get you through the night.  I have a mojo bag that is spelled for protection during psychic work that I use during dream time as well but creating a bag for protection during sleep wouldn’t be too difficult.

White light

A powerful tool to combine with a mantra or prayer from above is to imagine yourself surrounded in white light.  Feel the white light encircling you in a bubble and moving throughout your space.  You can then feel this bubble start to grow and expand until it covers your entire room or even house.

White light has a protective and peaceful quality to it and should help elevate the vibration of your space.  But if this still doesn’t feel like enough protection, go ahead and imagine a hard protective shell surrounding your white light bubble.

You can also call on the angels, your guides or your dearly departed pooch to stay by you and protect you while you sleep.  Never feel bad or that you are taking them away from being somewhere else.

Sleep Mask

This is something some people like and others say “heck no” to.  I personally prefer to have a sleep mask over my eyes at night.  This way, if I wake up and suddenly open my eyes I’m sure I’m not going to “see” any dark shadows or anything “spooky” before I can get my mind to a calm and centered space.  This doesn’t work for that psychic third eye though and only protects agains your imaginative mind.  Those psychic impressions will get through any sleep mask – no matter how tough it may be!

I have heard other psychics say there is no way they would wear a sleep mask as they prefer things to be bright.

Lights and Television

For those non-sleep mask wearers there is always the possibility of keeping on a light all night long or even the television.  I was surprised when I heard people recommending these methods – but really, I have to agree with them as well.  I actually slept with a tv on every night until I went off to college.  I still use this method in those rare situations where there is just “too much” going on and I just want to get a good night’s sleep.  As I have perfected the methods above I have found myself doing this less and less, but it is always there in case I need it.

Are you afraid of the dark?  What methods do you use to get through the night?  Do you sleep with the lights on?

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