I’ve been fascinated with auras lately – what colors are in different individuals auras and what these colors mean.  This had me thinking – if I could choose the aura of certain people what color would I pick?  So I thought this could be a fun little game to play and feel free to join in if you choose!  Interestingly, my choises for certain auras match beautifully with people in my real life.

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Best Friend

If I were to choose the aura of my best friend, I would like this person to have a primarily pink aura with layers of orange and some yellow around their head.  Pink is the color of love and individuals with this color tend to be very caring and nurturing – who couldn’t use a friend like that!  The orange would be for some creativity, because it always helps to have a friend that comes up with new fun and exciting adventures to go on.  Then the yellow for some intellect, I want a friend I can talk to.  I wouldn’t mind some indigo or blue in their aura either for some spiritual insight and intuition, but this would just be an extra layer.

Luckily, I have a friend that just so happens to have these colors in her aura – maybe that is why we remain close after more than two decades.  Plus she reads this blog (hi Caitlin!) so that is an added bonus.

But these colors may be completely different for you if you prefer a friend who is a running buddy you may want that friend’s aura to be predominately red – or if you want your friend to be your counselor some green may be helpful.  What would the aura look like for your ideal friend?


Now partners are a different matter.  Do you want your partner to have the same aura colors as your best friend or would you like something a bit different?  Do you want someone who matches your aura or do you prefer novelty?

One thing about partners, and anyone you spend a lot of time with, is that you may find their auras starting to take on some colors in your aura.  Over time when we inhabit the same space with another individual their vibrational frequency will start to sync up with ours.  This is why we feel so comfortable being around our family and where that feeling of “home” comes from.

So what would your ideal partner’s aura look like?  I have myself a pretty great guy and his aura is different enough from mine to be unique but close enough in frequency to feel comfortable.

Kid’s Teacher

School is back in session in most of the country and your kids likely have new teachers to deal with.  If you could pick any teacher by their aura what would it look like?  Since my little one is still in preschool I would like her teacher’s aura to be primarily red so that she would have the energy to keep up with her young class.  Some creative orange would also be helpful – maybe layered around her feet so that she would be more likely to come up with creative activities involving movement.  Then I’d have to throw in some yellow around her head, because, even thought this is just preschool, these young ones are still supposed to be learning.  Finally I would top it all off with a soft layer of pink to provide the hugs and comfort that my little girl needs.

What kind of aura would you like for your kid’s teachers?  Does it change depending on which kid you have?

Spiritual teacher

What about a spiritual teacher?  My ideal spiritual teacher looks very different than my ideal preschool teacher.  I would like my spiritual teacher’s aura to be primarily blue with a second layer of purple.  Around their head a layer of silver would also be nice.

I’m actually on the lookout for a good spiritual teacher – so if anyone of you know someone with this aura combination can you send them my way (just kidding – well, only a little).  I have actually not seen many people with predominately blue auras and I’ve been on the lookout since this is the main color in my aura.  This is why I have always felt a sense of peace and belonging in churches – they tend to resonate at this blue frequency as well.


Now I deal a lot with doctors since I am married to one and have a special needs kiddo.  And from my frequent interactions with them I can tell you – they are not all made the same.  After being exposed to the number and variety that I have I can definitely pick out my favorites quickly.  But if I could pull up a list of doctors and search by their aura colors, now that would be ideal!

My ideal doctor would have an aura that is green.  Green is the color of the healer and I want my doctor to be focused on health.  I would also like some indigo around the doctor’s head, because although they don’t like to admit it, a lot of medicine isn’t really based on science it is based on intuition.  Finally I would like a layer of pink around this doctors body to provide that warm reassurance needed.

And since I told you I am married to a doctor you are probably wondering if he has the ideal aura that I would choose for my own personal doctor.  Let’s just say only one of the colors above is missing from his aura – so I see him as an excellent and competent doctor.


Who loves a good barista?  What kind of aura would you like that person mixing your latte to have?  You know what – my barista would have very similar color combinations as that of my ideal preschool teacher – maybe switch the orange and red color positions.  Hmmm, how about that – I would never have thought that my ideal barista would be a preschool teacher…

What about you, what would the ideal aura look like for you for the various categories.  What category did I leave out that interests you?  



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