For those of you that have been reading my blog for awhile, this may come as no shock to you – I love doing intuitive readings.  These are readings done without the use of tarot cards or any “tools” other than my own intuition.  So it is more than time for me to offer some of these readings on my etsy shop along with bringing back astrology readings to the mix.  And if you read last month’s Seven Cups Forecast you may realize this is the perfect time to add some new listings to my shop.

Intuitive Reading Options

Right now I am offering two new intuitive (or psychic – I know, I should just use the word psychic).  One is called Intuitive Reading: One Question and the other is Quick Intuitive Reading.

The one question reading functions similarly to my one question tarot reading in that it provides a broad depth of answers and perspectives to the question asked.  For example, if you are wanting to know about a business deal that is coming down the line we will look at the deal from multiple perspectives, get some feedback into how it is heading and ask your guides for some advice.  So not necessarily just one question answered – more like multiple answers to one topic.

My other offering, Quick Intuitive Reading is a traditional only one question offering.  You want to know what the energy is going to be like on the day of a big job interview so you can plan accordingly – this is your listing.  Just one simple question where I can tune in and tell you what I see.

And you may also notice that I have changed the name of the Soul Purpose reading to Intuitive Reading: Spiritual Insights on this Journey Through Life.  In this option we look into the more spiritual aspects of your life – your purpose for incarnating, the lessons you have set out to learn, as well as looking at your aura and your spirit guides.  This reading is my passion as my reason for incarnating this time around is to help others get back on their path and journey they planned.

Astrology Reading Offerings

If you have been with me from the beginning, you may remember that I started out with several astrology reading options.  Since then I have removed them because, let’s be honest, astrology readings (done right) are labor intensive – to do a traditional natal chart you need to spend multiple hours in front of a screen.  And for me, this time needs to be in one sitting because once I’m done with a reading, I forget it – totally gone – I’m not going to remember a few hours from now what I wrote – you get the picture.  Right now in my life I don’t have that many hours free in a row, and when I do I don’t want them all to be spent in front of a computer.  So, that is a pretty long introduction to tell you what type of astrology readings I am offer (hint, not a full on natal chart reading).

My first Astrology offering is one I have titled, Astrology Reading: Intuitive Rant.  In this reading I look at your natal chart and just tell you what I see and what I am drawn to. I do this a lot for friends and family and it is kind of fun to see what I pick up on.  I will explain some pertinent items in your chart and how those energies may play a role in the blueprint of your life.  Basically, this is having a psychic look at your chart and tell you what is interesting.

My other offering is called, Astrology Reading: The Big Three.  Here I look just at your Sun, Moon and Ascendant and tell you what they mean.  Most people know what their Sun sign is, but not everyone knows what house it is in our how that effects them.  And really, the Sun sign isn’t the most prominent trait you take from your chart, especially if you were born before dawn when the Moon ruled the sky.  So if you have always been wondering what your Big Three really were all about – this is the reading for you.

There you have it – new offerings of a different nature for my etsy store.  If you have any questions feel free to ask and if you are looking for a reading just click this button.


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