Yep – changed the title for this month as we are going all intuitive all the time…Well, maybe not all the time.  I still offer tarot readings and do daily tarot (plus psychic) readings through my instagram account. But this is still the same Seven Cups Forecast you are used to – and since I have been doing these intuitively the last few months it won’t seem different at all.  So here goes –

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October 2017 Psychic Reading
I know you are wondering what the quote on my tea bag says – “When ego is lost, then universality exists” – well, keep reading until the end to see why that quote is perfect!

General Energy

For October when I tuned into the general energy for the month I heard a loud car horn and saw the image of a trucker blaring down on that horn.  In case you were wondering, yes, hearing a loud car horn in your head when you are in a state of meditation is very jarring.  And that, my friends, is part of the message for this month.

You may find yourself in situations this month that act as a wake-up call for your life.  Something to get your attention and make sure you are on the right track – that you let go of your distraction (hint hint smart phones) and start paying attention to this road of life you are on.

For those of you that are on your correct path these horn honking wake-up calls may be brief and minor this month.  Just little jolts to get you refocused and re-centered.  For others who may have strayed a little too far off their designated course, you may find yourself dealing with that semi-truck honking their horn loud and clear – you won’t be able to miss it and neither will your neighbors.

Pay attention to those signs and symbols you get in your life that hint at where you should be going.  Listen to that “gut instinct” of yours – as in literally check in with that stomach area and see how it feels about a given situation.  If you get a heaviness in that stomach region – maybe you are straying a little too far away and don’t be surprised if that horn starts honking right in your face.  And no – I am not saying we are all going to get an actual horn honked at us this month – more of a situation that acts as a wake-up call to knock us out of our distracted sense of being.  But if your wake-up call this month is an actual horn honk email me – I’d love to hear about it!


That money this month, that money is heading right into the shredder.  Are you spending money on things you don’t need and don’t really want?  It may feel like all that money you have coming in is going right out the window this month – or into that shredder.

Expenses may pop up that you didn’t anticipate or you may find yourself spending money on things you don’t actually want to spend money on – think house repairs and extra-calorie lattes.  Yep, you might not need that third Pumpkin Spice Latte this week – I’m sorry to be the barer of bad news.

This month will be a good time to look over your bank statements and see if there is anywhere money is going that you could get rid of.  Do you really watch enough cable to justify that monthly bill?  And when was the last time you actually made it to the gym?  (And yes, these are the two bills that I will be working on cutting out of my life this month…)


Work shmurk.  You are going on a hike this month and it is uphill and over boulders…I should probably restart.  No one wants to hear that as the forecast for this month…Okay, picture a beautiful island setting with the greenest grass you have ever seen and a wonderful path lays just in front of you…Is it now that I tell you that this path is up the side of an active volcano and there is a thick fog that surrounds you?

So, yep, the energy around work this month isn’t that stellar.  You may find some obstacles that you have to climb over that you didn’t expect.  And the outlook for the future may still be a little unclear – nothing feels very certain right now.

But you know what you need to do, find the positive things about your work life and focus on them.  Enjoy the beauty of each step and don’t focus on the hurdles that lay ahead.  And watch out for any lava that has escaped…


Beep.  Beep.  Beep.  Your love life seems to be on life support this month.  The image I received was of an old man in a hospital room and the heart rate monitor showing a very slow heartbeat.  Yep, your love life may be at a low point this month.

Don’t worry, there are some of those heart paddle shocker things sitting right behind you.  Just pick those up and shock that old man of love back to life!  Yep, this is the month to jumpstart your love life.

For those single and looking to mingle – get out there and actually mingle.  Maybe even change up your usual MO and try something new – a new shade of lipstick or a new location.

For those in a committed relationship do something special for your partner.  And I do NOT want to hear that your partner never does anything special for you.  Who cares!  Show your sweetie that you love them with a nice poem or some flowers or maybe even tickets to a haunted ghost tour (it is October after all).

For those Single and not looking to mingle – do something different with some friends.  Go to a new restaurant or try a new activity.  Is there one of those places in your town that you can simulate the conditions of sky diving in a building?  Try that!  Or ask that co-worker that sits next to you to go on a quick coffee break – maybe she likes the same shows as you do and will be your new BFF!


A pink balloon rises into the sky.  Can you interpret this image for me?  What does this visual mean to you?

I read this as the universe telling you that you need to rise above any negative situations with your family and show them love and kindness.  Don’t let any arguments get you down or lower your vibe.  Show through example that the proper way to handle an argument is through love not insults and anger.  Just try it – I promise you that it is harder than it looks.


“Take me to your leader” (Imagine that said in a fake robot-like voice).  I saw this giant robot stomping his huge feet on the ground, making the dry earth move with each step.  So maybe this is the month to not follow that leader – that guru – that new hottest spiritual trend that everyone is into.

There is this tendency this month to do what everyone else is doing in terms of spirituality.  Did you read that Brad Pitt meditates for three hours a day and now you considering booking a week long meditation retreat to the Andes? (I totally made this up, I have no clue if he meditates or not – is he even popular still?  I guess I need to update my cultural references…)  This is not the month to follow what other people are doing.  Who knows if that robot is for good or evil?  Do you really want to follow him?

Instead, create your own path through spirituality this month.  Pick and choose what works for you.  So it is great that your favorite celebrity meditates.  Try it out.  Maybe you will like it too but incorporate just fifteen minutes into your day instead of three hours because that is what works for you.  Get the picture?  Make your spirituality fit you not everyone else.


The advice this month comes from our friend the patient crocodile.  He sits in that mud waiting for his prey to come by until – snap – he eats it all up.  You too need to work on your patience this month.  But do not confuse patience with indecision.  That crocodile isn’t waiting around trying to decide whether he wants to eat the bird or the bison.  He waits for the perfect time and then his decision is made swiftly.


So I thought I would end this month’s forecast with a quote for us to think about.  Really, my daughter left the book The Power of Love on my desk and you better bet that I took that as a sign to include a quote from it in this month’s reading.  I practiced my bibliomancy skills – asked what we needed to know for this month – opened to a page and saw our message.

“Your ego is your false self; it thrives on judgment, comparison, and guilt.  It is your ego that always feels unhappy and unfulfilled.  It is always comparing you to someone else.  It projects unhappy thoughts and feelings out to the Universe and everyone around you.  When you make choices from your ego, you are coming from your ‘Earth mind” not your ‘Spirit mind,’ which is your true essence.”


Many Blessings!

Mary Shannon


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