I know, grey is an interesting color to talk about when discussing all the colors that are possible in the aura.  I mean, who really wants to read about the color grey?  I decided to write this blog post after doing some google searches and having little luck finding much information about the color grey.  And really, from my perspective, this color has been pretty interesting to see show up in the aura.

I’ve seen this color in a number of readings (you can order your Aura Reading by clicking here) and, yes, it can mean that someone has poor health, but it can also mean a variety of other things as well.  If you have any experience with what this color means in auras I’d love to hear from you!

Grey is almost black

Probably the most common form grey takes in an aura is as a transitory state before the aura turns to black.  A lot of times I will see grey in a specific part of my client’s aura and then when I “look” deeper I will see something else – maybe some mucus colored gunk or some stagnant energy.  What grey seems to be in this situation is almost a warning – get the energy fixed in this part of your body or you may see that energy turn into actual physical symptoms.  For example you may have some grey stagnant energy over your leg and if you don’t get that energy moving this might manifest as leg pain or numbness in your nerves.

This is not to say that all grey I see in an aura will eventually turn to black or physical problems, just that there is a much higher likelihood of it happening in this area if nothing changes.

Grey can also show that you are having a kind of crumby day.  You might not be outright depressed, but grey around the head can show some negative or depressing thoughts lingering about.

Is it your time of the month?

I will be honest, I was kind of surprised when I made this revelation, but I have had it confirmed again and again.  When a woman is menstruating, especially on those heavy days, there can be some grey in their aura right over the sacral chakra area.  It is kind of disconcerting to see this appear, but it disappears quickly after a day or two.

A state of transition

Now I will admit, this is really why I spent a lot of time googling and reading books about auras – to see if other people have “seen” what I see concerning the color grey in the aura.  Very rarely I will see this color engulf the entirety of a person’s aura, but this only lasts for about a day.  The next day the grey will be out of the aura and instead there will be a new color in the aura that wasn’t there previously.

This has happened to me several times, and the first time, having this much grey in my aura “felt” a little strange and icky (I know, real technical term there).  But the next time it happened I knew what to expect and that grayness didn’t affect my mood.

So what I have determined is that grey is actually a color of transition.  This color comes into an aura when that aura is shifting from one color to another, whether it be to black or some other color.  Now I will preface this by saying that I have not read anyone else have this same opinion as I do on this matter – so I encourage you to research and “see” what your ideas are about this topic.

What do you think the color grey in an aura means?  Have you ever seen grey in an aura?  What does grey mean to you (and please don’t say 50 shades : ) )


  1. A few months ago when I received an aura reading from you, you mentioned there was grey around my sacral chakra. Last month, I had a body talk appointment and she mentioned my sacral chakra was black. I believe there is an underlying health issue as I haven’t gotten my period in five months and I’m not pregnant. Doctors don’t really understand what it is. So I believe a grey aura has to do with something along the lines of health in my experience.


    1. Yes, I think in most cases that grey can turn to black and signal a health issue. If only doctors were more receptive to working with intuitives they could understand that there is an underlying issue that they can’t “see”. I wish you much luck and healing vibes on your baby making journey – I understand deeply the frustration and feelings that go along with it!


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