Can you believe it is almost November!  Our weather is finally starting to turn chilly and with that fall is finally in the air.  With these cold breezes come this November psychic forecast!

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Psychic Reading November 2017

General Energy

The general energy this month is like a child’s connect the dot game.  There are certain events that have happened over the past year that seem separate and unconnected, but over this next month you will start to see a pattern or purpose emerging for why these events have taken place in your life at this time.

With that said, the image I saw was not of a fully completed game but one that was just starting out.  So patterns will emerge but a complete clarity of the situation is not there yet.  You know that these events and situations are leading you to a large picture, but you aren’t quite sure yet what that picture is going to be.


Ugh, your work life this month is going to be hampered down with emotions.  The image of an individual paddling a row boat over some slightly choppy waters came up.  You may find yourself having to navigate other individuals emotions aka your boss may be a little more cranky then normal.

Watch out whose emotions these are that you are paddling through.  If they don’t belong to someone around you, you may need to look at yourself.  Are you causing other people to cower and hide when you walk by?  Check yourself before you wreck yourself.  No one wants to be the Negative Nancy of the workplace/home environment/yoga class.


Okay – I am really enjoying the image that came up for the money category. Picture an elephant with beautiful cloth made of silk and flowers decorating his back and a chain or purple and deep yellow flowers around his head.  He rears up on his back legs showing off the beauty of his garb.

This image comes with it two messages.  The first is that it does’t matter how much you spend on outer clothing and on how you look.  Everyone is still going to see through the outer layers to the essence of what lies beneath.  No matter how pretty that elephant looks, underneath all the layers you can still tell that he is an elephant.

The other message is that this month is a great time to spend money on your spirituality.  Instead of buying that new haircut to keep in fashion with the Jones down the street, how about using that hundred dollars on something that benefits you spirituality like tickets to a motivational speaker or an extra tithe to your church…I guess that means I will be hitting up the gem fair when it is in town next weekend : )


Another beautiful image appeared in the love category.  Here we have a woman sitting in a high rise building looking out over a sunset that blankets the city in front of her.  She has a choice here.  She can decide to focus on the splendor of the sunset or the grime of the city beneath it.

You too have a choice this month.  You can focus on the love that exists all around you or you can focus on the negativity that dwells beneath.  It is up to you – not the media and not your Uncle Murray. You are your thoughts, so why not elevate them to beauty and love.  First we need to see love around us before it has the power to manifest in our lives.


When tuning into the energy of family for this month I felt a heaviness in the right side of my face.  This feeling to me is a signal of deceased loved one – those of our soul family who have made their transition to the other side.  With this feeling I also received the image of two ropes tied together.

Combining this image with the feeling this month you may find yourself thinking about those who have crossed the veil to the other side.  You may think about them in your daily life or even see a memento that they left laying around.  Know in your heart that it is during these times that these loved ones are right around you.  They are just vibrating at a higher level and our lower physical vibration can’t see them with our eyes easily anymore.  But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t there.  You can still feel that familiar vibration.  That cord that connects you may not be physically attached but you can still call on them in your mind and they will be there to comfort and support you.


Spirituality comes with it the image of a bell. This bell I saw up close and it was ringing. Are you listening to the signs you are receiving from your gut, from your guides, from that small tiny voice within.  It is trying to tell you something loud and clear – that bell is ringing – are you listening or are you putting on your super cool beats by dre headphones and blocking that noise out?


The advice this month comes from a simple image – a candle’s beautiful flame.  The best thing you can do when any situation presents itself is to shine your flame brightly.  Don’t let others blow out that spark and don’t blow that thing out yourself – it is not your birthday!  Keep that candle shining brightly.  Let your inner spirit – your inner light – be bright.  When you show others how happy and content you are living and being in your true essence it will help ignite the spark of their candle and soon light will fill the world.

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  1. Silver Cove’s gem and mineral show is coming to Regina during the first week of November. Since the money forecast is positive, I will take this as validation to splurge!

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