We have previously discussed what energy feels like, now let’s take a look (get it, look, hehe) at what energy actually looks like.  This section is my personal observations on energy and may not reflect what other clairvoyants or physics view when looking at energy.  But, as with anything, it is always helpful to know how other individuals perceive things so I thought I would let you know what I am seeing when I see energy.  Besides, this is exactly the type of blog post that I look for when googling these things so I am putting this out there for the other individuals like me who are looking for answers and to know that they are not alone.


The most obvious way I see energy is in what looks like little waves coming off of an object.  This is similar to what you can see coming from the asphalt on a hot summer day – those heat waves.  For me, I will see these waves as something akin to leftover energy that is stuck in a location.  If someone has experienced intense emotions they may leave some energy in that area and then later on I may come along and bump into it.  This happens frequently at the yoga studio I attend where people will release pent up emotions while they are in a pose and then sometimes that energy lingers in that spot after they leave.

I have also seen these wave of energy around an animal that is about to cross-over.  It felt like the soul or spirit of the cat I was looking at was already disassociating from her physical body and wasn’t fully present but instead starting to make the transition.  These waves appeared above and touching her physical body.


Another form that energy takes for me is that of static.  It looks almost like the static on a tv screen only the little black spots are throughout the environment.  This energy is everywhere I look and I view it as kind of the energy web on which this physical plan exists.  In my everyday life I just ignore it and it fades into the background, but if I choose to focus on it it comes to my attention.

When I focus on this static web I will also hear the increase in pitch and sound in my ears that is accompanied with my connection to a higher source or my spirit guides.  When I see this energy I know that I am focusing on a more spiritual plane of existence and not the material plane we reside.  It is in this space that I may also see the specks of light associated with my spirit guides or angels.


Sometimes energy also appears as tendrils floating around almost like clouds in the sky.  For me, this energy usually takes on a blueish color and I see it most frequently on ceilings.  To see these tendrils I usually need to be in a completely calm and relaxed state and then these guys will appear.

I am not exactly sure what these tendrils of energy actually are, but I imagine them as being messages and energy sent between sources.  It feels like energy is moving from one location to another and these are the connecting lines between the two.

How about you?  How do you view the energy around you?  Do you see energy in the same way or differently? 


  1. I just want to say I have been looking for a description that describes what I am seeing! Yours is to the T! I can see my energy, it’s like a thermacline to me. Static as you mentioned is everyday, and tendrils I see on this one wall in my house-much harder to see! When I first described it I thought it looked like sand bar lines moving in a horizontal motion. Thank you for this I feel a little less crazy or maybe a little more I can’t decide!

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  2. I definitely see all of those things, plus little shooting star sparkles that squiggle quickly. Usually these are present when I’m needing some spiritual guidance, or an answer, or it could b a message to pay attention, slow down, or do the right thing, as i believe it to be. And the most astounding for me are these wild kaleidoscope-like, constantly moving, flashing with light, colourful vortexes, kind of the shape of sloppy drawn flowers with rounded pedals that keep shifting inward. I see it especially when I look into the sky. Or a blank wall. As I move my hands closer together, the vortexes get smaller and move much quicker, flickering with bright light. Then I could see the strong aura and tendrils coming off my finger tips. I move my hands apart, and they begin to spread out and get larger and slower. I could play for a ling time, meditating with it. I tried to blow it with my breath, but it didn’t change. Does anyone else see this? Its intense and very obvious. Sometimes its stronger than other times but if I want to, I could see it any time. Often its strong when I’m very creative, introspective, or working hard on making difficult changes in my personal self. It will be everywhere. All over everything, but it doesn’t distract the detail in the physical plane that I see, (aside from just being in awe…then I get distracted and could appear to be spacey) i don’t do drugs…have tried a couple times but they always had horrible affect on me because i think I’m already connected enough to the spiritual and energetic dimension…I just open up to tooo many things on drugs and its no good for me aaanyways…rant over. Thanks for ur inputs!


    1. I’m so glad I found your comment. I have been experiencing this also to a T! I think of them like the energy in describing String Theory. Like little wiggly lines, sometimes wide, sometimes a miniscule needle. I was doing some work on blah blah blah (too hard to explain here) and when I willed or asked an object to perform for me, I could see the energy bands all line up like a magnetic pattern at the tip of the object. I could see them (in wonderful cooperation and happily oblige my request) use their energy to move or bend the object. VERY subtle but definitely moving. I haven’t really come across anything like this or mentioned on all the sites available. Please note I have always been an empath along with my twin, and recently I let go and trusted spirit and all hell broke lose (lol). Third Eye Awakening and all kinds a fun and disturbing things. This was a highlight for me.

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