It is almost the end of the year!  How was it for you??  Below you will find the final forecast for 2017!

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General Energy

Are you guys ready for the general energy…I’m stalling here…not because it is bad…because it is actually good!  The image I received for the general energy this month is that of feet in the sand.  How amazing does that sound!

My guides use the image of sand to signal times of relaxation or meditation.  The energy around December is that of just taking a step back from all the craziness that this year has brought and enjoying where you are, in this moment, right now.

Just take a breath.  Everything is going to be okay. Imagine how it would feel to bury your toes in some nice warm sand.  Breathe.  Yes, isn’t this nice!


For work I got a color instead of an image.  And the color is orange!!  Orange is all about creativity and fun.  Is it possible that your work life may actually bring you some enjoyment and entertainment this month!  Shocking I know!  Don’t forget that you can also take the lead in incorporating these correspondences into your work life.  Can you make work a little more fun for you and all involved?

What does this look like?  Well, that depends on where you work.  For some of you this might mean decorating your office for the holiday season (whatever holiday(s) you choose to celebrate).  For others this may be a simple as wearing fun and silly socks with their otherwise bland work outfit.  For me, I am going to plan fun activities to do during my daughter’s holiday break and think of some creative and fun ways to spruce up my readings.  What will you do?


In the money category I received the image of a glowing blue dollar.  The money almost looked like it had the characteristics of a star.  With this image comes two messages.  First, money may seem to be holy to us this holiday season.  There is a lot of energy going into it – spending it, acquiring it, worrying about it.  The general energy around money is that of praising its existence.  I’m not saying this is a bad thing – I am just telling you what this energy is like.

But it also comes with the message to speak your truth around money this month.  Don’t try to hide anything from anyone.  They will be able to see right through it.  So be honest with your partner on how much you spent for your work’s secret santa.  There is no reason to hide the truth.


In the love category this month I received the image of a basketball.  In my world, basketballs have nothing to do with the sport.  Instead they refer to “bouncing back” to something or somewhere you previously were.  Of taking all the progress you have made and bringing it back to where it started.

What does that mean for your love life?  If you are married or in a committed relationship, try reminding each other of what your first holiday season was like together – or maybe even that first date.  Try to rekindle some of that romance that existed in the beginning.

For those on the prowl, perhaps you will see a long lost romance come back into the picture.  That childhood sweetheart that has always been in the back of your mind may resurface with a visit to the parents’ house for the holidays.  Keep your eyes open for what once was.

For my friends who are content with themselves, can you get back to a love or passion you once had.  What was it that made your heart pound with excitement as a kid?  This would be a good time explore those activities from your past that excite you.


So, I’m going to be honest with you here.  Not every category can be all roses and sunshine!  In this family department we have the image of cracked glass.  Relationships are difficult, and that goes double for those with our relatives.  Sometimes there are cracks that form, and, to be honest, they just suck.  You have to look at them and deal with them.  You can’t throw away the family vase like you can that friend from work.

And you know what.  This month is full of holidays and there is a high likelihood that you are going to deal with that cracked glass at some point.  What method are you going to take?  Are you going to hit it with a sledgehammer and shatter it into a million pieces or are you going to get some superglue and try to stop the crack from spreading (and not glue your fingers together in the process).


For the spirituality department I received the image of a stair case.  Stairs signal a time to advance to a higher level.  In this image I did not see us on the stairs but I saw the stairs out in front of us – like an option available.

This month you will have the opportunity to take the steps necessarily to ascend higher in your spirituality.  Whether you do this or not all depends on how important it is for you.  You have the choice on how much time and effort to give your spirituality – what do you choose?


In the advice category my guides sent me the image of lots of balloons of different colors, but mainly pink and green, being released and floating into the air.  This is a time where you can make a difference, even if it is small.  Take time this month to do good deeds and spread love wherever you can.  Even small acts of kindness make a difference.

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