For this first week of December, I decided to bring you a little peak into our upcoming year – a snippet of the energy that is currently lining up in front of us and exists as possibility strings for us to encounter.

This time of year you will see a lot of yearly forecasts focusing on each month, and I do offer that service if you are interested (Tarot Reading: Peak into the Future – 12 Months).  However, I also find value in getting an overall picture of the energy coming up so that we can better prepare.  If you would like a personalized version of this reading, visit my etsy shop and check out this listing (Intuitive Reading: Energy and Advice for the Year Ahead).

So, here we go…

General Energy of 2018

My guides sent me several images relating to the general energy of the upcoming year in rapid succession.  I will take each individually and explain what I saw.  Like all my forecasts these images are symbolic and can have multiple interpretations.  The akasha is the world of the symbolic and symbolism and bringing that energy down to this heavy dimension can sometimes be confusing.

First, I viewed an image of an army lining up to battle in a foggy field at the edge of a dying forest.  I need to be careful on how I interpret this image because I am not saying that there is a war that is imminent.  Instead, what this image tells me is that in 2018 there is an energy that is ripe for being “battle ready”.  The troops I saw were lining up, they were not fighting yet.  Additionally, the foggy image tells us that there is still some uncertainty around this occurring – a possibility of miscommunication.  The trees in this image did not contain any leaves so this set up occurs in the depths of the winter.  This doesn’t seem like a difficult prediction to make given the current state of our political climate.  But I want you to look closely at the image and not let fear take hold.

The next image I saw was that of flowers rapidly opening up.  Giant yellow flowers and peaceful music at a fast speed.  This is a time to open up to the light, to the goodness and possibilities.  Many in the New Age community have talked about how many people are “waking up”, especially since the shifts that took place in 2012.  This energy of understanding and coming back to the “true knowledge” will continue this year but at a faster and more rapid pace.  You can already see this juxtaposition setting up between fear and love – the two essential emotions.  You can fear the potential of violence or you can accept the true love that surrounds you and blossom in its presence.

The last image my guides sent was of what looked like a busy street corner in a congested city.  It felt very chaotic and noisy.  This next year may feel very busy and intense for some out there – it may feel like you are on a street corner and everything is just whizzing by making it difficult for you to remain in control and focused.  This image gives us the “heads up” that things may seem a little cray cray so you should take heed.  Perhaps this is the year that you make daily meditation a part of your New Year’s resolution.  It couldn’t hurt!

Advice on how to handle the energy of 2018

The advice my guides gave us on how to handle the upcoming energy was just one word – twinkle.  How do we handle the tension of conflict, rapid awakening and busy hectic lives?  Twinkle.  Shine your light and keep shining it.  Live by example not just by talk.

I will say, I kept asking my guides for more advice but it was like radio silence after this one word.  I wanted more images like they gave me for the general energy – but their response was staunch.  So do with that word as you choose – Twinkle.

General Message for 2018

I was sent a word and an image for the general message of 2018.  The word is Forgiveness and the image is of a single petal falling off a pink rose.  This is a year where we learn hard lessons, one of the hardest is how to forgive those who have wronged us or those we care about.  But if we do not forgive we end up loosing a part of who we are.  We end up loosing the ability to love to our fullest, our petals will start to fall and decay if we hold onto negative emotions and do not forgive.

Animal Guide for 2018

Okay, so here is the super sexy and mysterious animal energy to help us get through 2018…a white rat.  Yeah, not so glamours right!  I will also admit that I was a little stumped by this image – I mean where is the fearsome tiger or glorious phoenix?  So what did I do with this image my guides sent me…I googled what else a white rat could mean.  This is what I found “To see a white rat in your dreams is a symbol of strength, adaptability and abundance” (  This feels very right for the image I received.  This year is about needing strength and adaptability to get you were you need to go.  But you can get there – just realize that the path may not be as direct as you would have liked.  There may be some blocks and twists and turns that require you to adapt and be flexible.

Numerology of 2018

2018 is actually a very interesting year numerological.  When you add up the numbers it comes to 11.  11 is considered a master number.  This number is all about mastering a subject, but before the subject can be mastered you first have to be tested and tried.  This year you may find yourself in difficult situations, but know that you have it within you to make it through.  The world may find itself in a difficult place, but this struggle is here to bring us to a brighter future.  Before a master can succeed first he must first prove his worth.

Reducing this number 11 down further we get 2.  2 is a number of peace, balance and harmony.  Kind of opposites here – the energy of 11 versus 2.  What we will need to make it through this year is that sense of balance in our lives.  Don’t spend too much time devoting yourself to one thing over another.  If you can find that ever illusive concept of balance, you can achieve the mastery you are looking for.

These numbers are also very spiritual and represent an intuitive side.  If you have an interest in intuition or developing your psychic skills, this is the year to devote some time to it.  You will be able to open up quicker this year because of the energy that is available – see how this relates back to the beginning image of flowers opening up rapidly?  And, with this energy in mind, you will see a new blog series from me this coming year focusing on psychic and intuitive development because I understand how important these skills are for us as a society in the coming years.

So there you have it – the energy of 2018!  Are you ready for the fun to begin?

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