Yep – it is time for our January forecast.  You know the drill by now – below you will find what the energy is like for the coming month!

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January 2018 Psychic Forecast
I know – these pictures are kind of boring – not as pretty as an image of tarot cards!  Ohhh- to bad I could take the images out of my head and put them here – now that would be a cool technology!

General Energy

Okay, just imagine this scene.  You are flying above a beautiful forest just as the sun is peaking over the horizon.  In the background you hear this beautiful sound sing “Awwwww”.  Totally amazing energy this month, right!

So what does this all mean???  This month has a good vibe to it.  You will be able to see an overview of what is to come this year for you – kind of like a preview of the possibilities.  Each of those trees beneath you is another possibility of what might occur.  And this general overview leaves you positive.  Sure, there may be some hiccups in the road, but overall you’ve got a pretty good grip on what is coming and it looks totally decent!

What a way to start the New Year!  One way to capitalize on this energy that is in the environment is to do some planning if you have not already done so.  Make sure you have goals in mind with clear steps on how to get to those goals.  January would be an awesome month to make a vision board as well, filled with images of all the goals you have.


Okay, so Mr. Policeman is coming to work and he has his billy club out.  This dude dressed in a 1950’s style uniform means business, he isn’t going to take any lip from you.

This month would be the month to play by the rules at work.  Even if they seem archaic and not up with the times, this would not be the month to try to buck the rules and start something new.  Just play by the law and the law won’t get in your way.  If you decide to stray you may find yourself getting called out and sent down to the bosses office for a stern lashing – well, maybe just a verbal lashing since most workplaces don’t believe in corporeal punishment anymore.

Summary – follow the rules and play the game.  Even if they aren’t “fair” this isn’t the month to try to create waves.


I actually had a really hard time picking up the energy of money for this month.  At first there was just silence.  Then I noticed a really tiny sound.  It was coming from a little ladybug who was trying to tell me something.  She was so small I couldn’t make out the words but I got the general message.

Money is okay this month.  There may even be some minor growth to your bank account.  This isn’t a long lost great aunt dying and leaving you all her estate kind of growth but more like your grandma’s christmas card came late and hey, look, it has $20 dollars in it – score! That kind of growth.

Hey, at least I didn’t say your bank account was going in the negative this month!  I’ll take growth – even if it is just minor!


This month the energy for love was shown as a multitude of bubbles each with a little person inside.  The goal is to choose a bubble.  But then the image gets a little interesting… Once a bubble is popped the person was released and the image panned back to see a googly-eyed monster picking up the person and eating it.  Hmmmm.

What I got from this image is that you will have different people you run into and different scenarios and situations that you encounter throughout this month.  It is up to you to choose which person or which situation you want to put your focus and attention on.  Which are you going to decide to put your energy towards and really digest?

If you are single this could mean which individual are you going to focus your romantic intentions on.  If you are partnered this could be which situation you are going to nag your spouse/significant other about.  If you are single and not looking to mingle this could be what area of interest do you want to focus on this month.  Choose one and stick to it.  Not the month to be bed hopping and not the month to nag your spouse about the dishes and the trash.  Pick one.


The image that came for family is that of an individual playing the piano.  At first I thought this was speaking to creating memories with your family members but then I picked up a different tune (get it – I made a little joke there…).

This month work on playing jazz with your family instead of classical music.  What does that mean?  Jazz is all about improvisation and playing your own tune – not following the standard notes on the page.  This is the month to forget what the Jones are doing down the street and just be happy making your own tune.

So what if you are single and not looking to mingle – your family life may include weekly get togethers with your friends.  And really, who cares what other people think and if they are telling you that is not the script you are supposed to follow – you are supposed to marry and have two kids and a picket fence.  Nope – you are a jazz musician improvising your own life and your own family relationships. You create your own tune. What kind of music is your family playing this month?


The image I received for spirituality is that of a bright light.  It is almost cliche now to say “shine your light” – “be the light” – “be the lighthouse in the dark”.  Ugh – how many ways have you heard people say that – even me say that???  And sure – what does it really mean???

Well, it is all about how when you are your true self – living that authentic life and doing what is right for you – when you are playing your jazz tune – then you light up.  You become a beacon of light and hope for others in a time a darkness. For some of us being “the light” means being spiritual and fulfilling our role to be lightworkers and “holding down the light” in our community.  But that isn’t the same light that everyone is meant to shine.  Just being yourself and playing your own tune lets other people see that it is okay to be themselves.

My guides are taking me back now to a dream image I had.  This is of two women standing on a mountain top (okay, really they were barbies – I spend my days with a four year old so that is the image my subconscious pulled up).  One of the woman was painted a decent but unremarkable color.  The other was painted with sparkling gold glitter paint.  From far away it was the woman in glitter that I could see, not the one living the unremarkable life.

So go out this month and do what you do.  Be yourself.  Live your passion.  Shine like the glitter barbie you are!


This advice my guides sent along combines with the image for spirituality.  First they showed me congestion and lots of lines and traffic.  But behind this dull grey scene of a busy life was a bright yellow shining light.

The advice for you this month – shine your light (see cliche here again talking…) – find that spark inside yourself and let it shine.  Sure you may be busy with lots of things to do, but you can find it inside yourself to let your flames burn bright!  Who here is ready to be a glitter barbie???

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