This post is a continuation on our previous discussion on spirit guides. If you have been paying attention you know that spirit guides are like your own personal team of energies out there to help you on your path this lifetime. So if that is what spirit guides are, then what is your higher self???

Your higher self is the totality of all that you are. It is a conglomeration of all the lives you have lived – all the experiences you have had – all the possibilities that could be. Your essence/soul/spirit right now is just a fraction of a larger energy.

Now I am not talking about the larger energy as in God/Source/Love – or the force that underlies everything – that energy that connects us all. That is something even bigger than your higher self – your higher self is just a fraction of all that is.

The best way I can explain your higher self is through the image of a tree. Your soul right now is like a twig on a branch that is your higher self. If you look at it up close it seems that the twig is itself an individual identity. However, if you back up you see that the twig is connected to something larger – the branch – which is connected to something even greater – the tree. You are part of an entity that is larger and more immense than you currently have the capacity to imagine.

What does that mean? This means that your current life is just one in a myriad of lives that your higher self is a part of. Since time as we know it does not actually exist, it also means that, theoretically, your higher self could be living multiple lives right now at the same “time” on this planet. Since you are a just a part of a larger whole, another part could be sipping margaritas in New Jersey while you work on your tan in Brisbane.

Now – does that blow your mind or what???!!!

People routinely say that you should “ask your higher self” for guidance/advice/assistance. This doesn’t just mean going within and checking in on what your inner light thinks is right. This means connecting to a part of you that is greater than the whole. A part that has experienced and continues to experience an infinite number of realities. A part of you that knows the truth that is.

Sometimes when you think of your higher self like this you may start to think that you aren’t really that important. That you are just a blade of grass in a field and can easily be forgotten. But that is not the case either. Your experiences help your higher self to evolve and grow. They are as important to your higher self as any life that it is living elsewhere.

We can tap into this higher self in a variety of ways. Some people do this through past life regression when they learn about another aspect or part of their higher self. For others going into a deep meditation can help them reconnect with this larger part of themselves.

How about you – do you spend time with your higher self? What are your views of this concept of “higher self”?

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