Before we get too involved in our psychic exercises for the year I wanted to take time to make sure everyone learns how to properly set up a psychic session and then close one down.  And since we have an extra Wednesday in January, I thought this would be a perfect time!

This is probably the most important thing that psychic development books teach, but it is also the most overlooked because this isn’t the glamorous part where you read someone’s aura or tell them what the future holds.

Now with everything, this is just my personal practice.  Do what feels right for you.  But, fair warning, almost every single legitimate psychic or intuitive development book will teach you to include these steps in your readings.

To properly start a psychic session you need to do the following:

  • Open your chakras
  • Energetically protect yourself
  • Raise your vibrations
  • Call in higher assistance

To end a psychic session you need to do the following:

  • Thank the entities you work with and cut connections to them
  • Cut any energetic cords that have been formed
  • Ground your energy

Each of these steps is important.  Each should be undertaken every single time you do a reading for anyone – even if they are a family member or friend – even if you are just doing a practice reading.

Why am I stressing this?  Without taking these steps you can easily and unknowingly take on the energy of other people.  Even if they are good people, this is not your energy and will not likely mesh well with your energetic body.  Neglecting these steps can create blocks, tears, and holes in your aura which can then let negativity seep in.  No good.

And really, this isn’t all that difficult.  Once you get used to this routine the entire process shouldn’t take you longer than a few minutes to complete.  Isn’t your energetic body worth those extra few minutes?

I am going to walk you through my process as an example of what you can do.  I stress that this is only an example.  You need to create what works for you and work with a system that you feel comfortable with.  I always hated reading that in the past and just wanted people to tell me how they did it, but now I understand how important it is for you to come up with a system that is uniquely your own.

To start every single psychic session:

  • Open your chakras

Before each session, I do a quick chakra opening.  This is simply feeling the energy of divinity and bringing it down through my charkas and into the ground.  I then take this grounded energy and pull it up through each of my seven main chakras, energizing them as I go, and then send it back up into the universe.  A simple process that takes less than a minute when you get used to it.

  • Energetic Protection

This is the whole – surround yourself in white light and energetic bubble – protection type of thing.  Some people use white light, some use blue, others use mirrors.  Do what works for you.

My personal method incorporates Unity church’s prayer for protection changing some of the words to make it my own.  I will write it out for you here but this is a very personal practice that I developed over time – it likely won’t resonate with you and that is totally coolio.  This would be a good place to craft your own protection spell or use a protective prayer from a faith you relate to.

First I bring the energy of divinity back down through your body again, this time saying “The light of God flows through me.”  Now I imagine a blanket of divinity being draped over my shoulders while saying “The love of God enfolds me” – feeling the love that surrounds me on all sides.  Now I imagine a vertical circle surrounding my aura and see it moving around my body three times to encircle my aura in a sphere of protective blue light.  Then I say “The power of God protects me”.  While in this energy bubble I see my guides and angels appear.  I see one angel in each direction, one standing in front of my energy bubble, one behind and one on each side.  Then I see my protective animal guides standing next to the angels at my sides (my protective animals are lions that will sometimes sit still and other times they circle my energy bubble).  While seeing this I say “The presence of God watches over me”.  Now I see myself in my protective bubble with all the protective entities surrounding me.  I see the people in my life that I will encounter in the day ahead or connect to with the light of divinity shining through them.  Finally, I say “Wherever I am God is and all is well”.

  • Raise your vibration

After getting into your protective bubble you will need to raise your vibration if you are wanting to connect to guides or higher frequency entities.  Like everything, there are many ways to do this, usually involving feeling your energy reach up into that high vibrational space.

For my personal practice, I have crafted the following words that I say: “The divine light flows through me and fills me, in perfect love and perfect trust, with divine loving energy, in loving light and clarity.”

This is something that I have pieced together from various things that I have read over the years – my own personal mantra.   With these words, I also “feel” that divine light coming down and filling my body then re-connecting to Source.

  • Call in higher assistance

If you are wanting to connect with your guides or other individuals guides now is the time to do this.  Personally, I always call in my guides first and then I will call in those of the individual I am reading for.  My guides work as a buffer between me and other entities – an extra layer of protection.

Here I say “May my team and tribe please come forward and surround me in loving light and harmony and provide the answers I seek in love and clarity”.

Again – totally and completely personal.  I call my “team” the entities I work with on the other side – my guides, angels, deceased loved ones.  My “tribe” consists of my cats and dog that have passed over.  One day they suddenly appeared forming a semi-circle behind me during a reading and have come every time since to provide support and love.

Now I would begin my reading for a client or whatever work I am doing.  If I ever feel like a connection is fading I re-up with raising my energy and connecting to that source again.  I also work in a protected space with representatives of the four elements in their respective directions.  I use sage to smudge the air before readings and use incense (frankincense and myrrh) to put my mind in the ritual space.  I also light a candle as another symbolic gesture to my team and tribe that a reading is about to commence.

Once complete I feel that it is very important to do an ending ritual to cut the connections.  Sure, you could just finish your work, shut your computer off and go about your business, but that does not necessarily close off the energetic connections you form and you might keep picking up insights or feelings from other individuals without even realizing it.

The following are the steps I take to sever that connection and cleanse my energy: 

  • Thank the entities you work with and cut connections to them

I believe thanking and sending love to your guides and those guides that you connect with is very important.  How much would you like it if you did a bunch of work and did not receive acknowledgment for your part?

To do this I put my hands together, first over my third eye and say “Thank you”, then I move my hands over my mouth and say “I love you”, then I move my hands over my heart and say “amen”.

I will do this first with the guides of my clients and then after cutting cords and just before I leave my office, usually while blowing out my candle, I will say this to my guides as well.

  • Cut any energetic cords that have been formed

After I thank my client’s guides I cut the cords that formed between our energy bodies when I did the reading.  I learned a quick method during reiki training and have incorporated it into the process I already have.

First I move my hands in front of my body in a cutting motion and say “I cut any energetic cords that formed between me and my client during this reading.”  I then take my hand and brush them over my aura quickly and touch the floor saying “any excess energy I send back to the earth in love and light”.

I also always use a piece of paper to write out insights I get during my readings, so after I symbolically cut these cords I will take the piece of paper I used and tear it into pieces while visualizing any cords that have connected being cut.

  • Ground your energy

After you finish your readings it is really important to ground your energy.  This is the one and the only task that I will admit to not doing 100% of the time and I always realize its importance when I forget to do it.  One time I took my daughter to her dance class after doing several readings that morning and ended up seeing the auras of the other dance moms – sounds cool but my hands were shaky and I felt ungrounded…lesson learned.

So how do I like to ground myself?  I usually like to eat something grounding.  I do readings in the mornings usually and a mid-morning or pre-lunch snack is always nice.  A piece of chocolate or a banana are nice grounding foods.  Sometimes a nice cup of decaf coffee does the trick – just don’t add too much sugar or flavored creamers as this just re-ups your energy instead of grounding it.

When the weather is nice and if I have enough time I will go for a walk outside.  I love to walk my suburban neighborhood sans shoes to get the full grounding effect – so far no one has noticed my lack of footwear!

So there you have it.  How I conduct readings.  I am giving this to you as an example, but I believe that each step in this process is important and should not be skipped.  But, I also believe that you should create a process that works for you.  Create your own rituals and words that you can say that bring you to that place you need to be.

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