Here we are on the very last day of January.  One month of the year is gone and now it is time to prepare for the next.  Well, hopefully, this forecast will help with those preparations.

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General Energy

To start off February 2018, for the general energy I saw a fireball explosion – an energy burst emanating outward.  This symbolic image has several interpretations for us to look at.  First, this is a big push of energy to really get things going for February.  The energy of 2018 has started off slow.  The year started with a Full Moon and with that, the main energy for the beginning of 2018 was tied to a waning moon and waning energy.  Since mid-month, the energy has started to pick up, but in February things will really get going.

With this increase in energy, anything associated with the element fire will also be increased – think about those passion projects you have been working on, you may start to become a bit obsessive about them and put in extra hours on these projects.  This also means that tempers may run high and you will want to watch your own temper as well as those around you so that no massive explosions of energy occur.


For the category of work, I saw the image of a man in a business suit bouncing a ball.  Again, some symbolism here for us to work with. The bouncing ball image is my guides’ symbol for going out and getting something and then bringing it back to the source.  For work, this means getting back to basics.  If you are currently looking for a new job, think about what you said you wanted to be when you were a kid.  Maybe you can find something in that field or a similar one now.  In your current position, is there something basic that you need to review and familiarize yourself with?  A core policy that you have been following for years, but just would benefit from a quick review.

This image also brings out the idea that this would be a good month to do a check-in with your superior.  Make sure that your boss knows the work that you are doing and make sure you are doing what your boss expects of you.


Here the image is of a coyote in a yellow kayak moving quickly in water.  How is that for an image??!!  So, what is this coyote trying to tell us?  Be careful this month with anything that seems too good to be true, especially around your finances.  That business opportunity or that “no lose” mutual fund may actually not be what you expect it will be.  Anything that is playing toward your ego and your solar plexus area, be cautious of it.

This would not be a good month to invest in the stock market if this is something you are not familiar with.  Likewise, be cautious of any business ventures you want to get involved in – that multilevel marketing business that your bestie wants you to sign on to may just be too good to be true.  Watch yourself and that precious ego of yours.


Here in this month of Valentine’s, the image of an individual sending hearts towards a picture comes up.  This month is a great month to connect with those family members that you do not see often enough.  This could be that cousin that you usually only see around Christmas time but had a great time with in December, why don’t you call her up and set up a lunch date.  Or that grandmother that has passed but you just can’t keep her off your mind – maybe set up a little alter to keep her memory going.

This month is the month to send love to your family, even those family members you don’t especially like right now.  Work on developing that energy of loving kindness in your heart and then sending it to everyone you are connected with.


Ahhh, the category of love in the month of love.  What are we going to get?  Here the image is of a bouncing ball (again!!!) but this time it is a basketball player bouncing a ball.  So what does this image mean here in this category?

This is a great month to get back to basics.  Maybe even a visit to your childhood sweetheart is in order this month, or at least a minor bout of stalking on Facebook to see what he is up to.  If you are in a committed relationship, this is a good month to revisit the ideas of why you are together.  Maybe even recreate that special first date dinner for your sweetie to let them know that you remember and care.  What is it about that special person that made you fall in love with them in the first place?

If you are out there looking for love and maybe even looking for a date idea, this would be a good month to hit up a basketball game.  Or do something that you would have loved to do as a child, that ideal date night that the 15-year-old you would have planned.

If you are single and not looking to mingle, you can also revisit what it was that made your heart sing when you were younger.  Is there some activity or project that you loved doing as a child and just don’t make time for anymore?  Did you love to make bracelets with your friends or maybe paint – get back to your childhood loves.


Here, our faithful friend the cricket appears.  Mr. Cricket playing his violin is telling us that in terms of spirituality we need to play our own tune.  You can learn from other people and religions but, in the end, you need to decide for yourself what works for you and what kind of spirituality you want to have.

For me, this is playing out right now in the world of shadow work.  I have a very different opinion on this topic than the majority of the spiritual community and I am learning that it is okay for me to have my separate opinion and I don’t have to follow the same “tune” as everyone else.  Needless to say, there may be a blog post in February about how I don’t really believe in shadow work or even a shadow side.  I know, totally not the popular opinion right now.


Okay, I love the advice that our guides are giving us for this month.  The image is of an individual sliding down a rainbow.  This month, it is okay to “drink the kool-aid” and just be happy.  It is okay to want to believe in unicorns and fairies and rainbows.  It is okay to just let yourself be happy.

I know this world can seem like an icky scary place right now but is your direct world, the one you interact with every day really that bad?  Are the poor decisions of others in power having a direct impact on you right now?  How about you look around and see all the rainbows in your life.  I am giving you the permission you need to be happy.


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