I have a confession to make…Ghosts scare the sh*t out of me.  I have not had any known encounters with them personally but the whole idea and concept is something to keep me up at night.  And do you know what I do when I find that I am afraid of something – I learn about it – I investigate it until it no longer scares the pants off me.

So that is exactly what I have done with the concept of ghosts also known as earthbound energies.  What exactly are these entities?  Some believe that they are spirits/souls/energies of people (or animals) that have died but the soul had some reason that it stayed in the material realm – something that kept them here when they should have moved to the other dimensions.  This is probably the most popular and widely publicized version about what ghosts are, but it is not the only one.

There are other people who believe that ghosts are simply the remnants of energy that remains in a location because of an intense amount of energy that was released.  Kind of like how if you light a match and then blow it out, the area where the flame was will still be warm for a few seconds after the flame is gone.  Same idea – there was such an intense amount of energy released that it can still be felt years later.  This is those hauntings that occur in the places where there have been violent deaths or massacres.  There is that intense amount of energy that just needs to be disbursed, but those that are sensitive to energy can see/feel/hear.  This is that creepy vibe you may get off some places.

Another theory is that a ghost is actually just a break in the time/space continuum and what you are seeing/feeling/hearing is really just another person/entity in a different dimension that is connecting in an unusual way with our dimension.  There is this “theory” that every time we make a decision there are probability selves that go along a different path, choosing the decision we did not take.  Their probable selves make alternative probable realities.  Perhaps that ghost you see is just a probable self that went along a different path and there is something in the energy field which is letting you experience that reality.

This ghost could also be a strong thought form that you yourself sent or another person sent to that particular point in time.  Thoughts have power and, if the thoughts are powerful enough, can actually create substances that we can feel.  So these ghosts that you are experiencing may actually just be thought remnants.

This multi-dimensional theory can also be used to explain some UFO or alien sightings, and depending on your definition of UFOs and aliens these may be essentially what you are seeing as opposed to ghosts.  In actuality they are beings just like you, multi-dimensional entities who are just at this moment in time focused on a different reality that is not our physical based earth system.

So what do I believe?  I believe something of a combination of these theories.  Since I do not have and do not desire to experience interactions with ghosts my ideas will remain theories.  I do believe that sometimes people will die and be too concerned or attached to the physical world and decide not to move on.  This can happen for a variety of reasons – maybe they are afraid of what judgment will meet them on the other side – maybe they finally get a chance to be the ultimate busybody and decide they don’t want to give up this opportunity to snoop – maybe they just can’t believe that they are dead and refuse to move through the light.  These are all just maybes.

I also strongly believe that there are other dimensions that we cannot perceive that exist in the same “space” and “time” that we do.  The boundaries of these dimensions sometimes falter and we get a glimpse or peek behind the curtain.

If you are someone who also gets easily spooked by these spooks I highly recommend the work of Mary Ann Winkowski.  This is the woman whose life is the basis for the tv show The Ghost Whisperer.  This is someone who can actually see ghosts with her physical eyes.  Reading her book When Ghosts Speak will greatly alleviate your fears (psst – that right there is an Amazon affiliate link. I’m required to tell you that if you click on that link and buy something I could possibly make a few pennies off of it.).

And after reading her book I went right away to her website and bought myself and my family little charms she sells with seeds that supposedly ward off earthbound energies. I’m not sure these things actually work but I wear my charm on a necklace every day.  It is no harm and I want to keep myself protected!

How do you feel about ghosts?  Do they spook you out?  What do you believe ghosts really are?

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