Guys, I have something exciting to tell you today. My book, Chakras and Auras: A Practical Guide to Your Energetic Body was just released last week! You can click on this link here and hop on over to Amazon to check it out (psst. – that is an Amazon affiliate link – see the disclaimer on the side of this page). If you follow me on social media, this may be old news by now, but I thought I’d provide you with a little more information.

So, what is this book all about?? This is the book I would have liked to have when I was just starting out in this field. It starts off with the basics – what are the chakras, the aura and associated colors, and what exactly is this thing we call energy. I’m skipping all the proper names and, instead, giving this to you from a Westerner’s perspective, from someone who “sees” and “feels” the energy body.

Then we dive in further and I explain how you can figure out the state of your chakras and tell what colors are in your aura. Yes, that is right, you will no longer need to order readings from me as you will have all you need right in front of you!

Can you tell I’m excited???!!! Maybe all the exclamation marks are giving it away. And pretend I’m using a game show announcer’s voice when I say, “and that’s not all, folks” – this book also contains recommendations for how to open your chakras and clear your aura. I wasn’t going to leave you with the knowledge that you have a couple of blocked chakras and nothing to do about them!

I’ve also included some exercises and games at the end to help reinforce this information for you. It is easy to read about the different chakra colors but can be difficult to keep that information at the tip of your awareness unless you actually use it.

Following all this juicy information is my favorite part – a whole section of guided meditations to help you work through your energetic blockages. Want a meditation specifically for that solar plexus chakra – we’ve got you covered.

This book has been in progress for over a year. My faithful blog readers may recognize some of the intro content as previous blog posts. But don’t worry – I did not just cut and paste all my blog posts into this book. There is a lot of original content here.

My goal with this book is to teach you how to become more aware of your energetic system – to take responsibility for that energy and learn how you have the power within yourself to heal yourself. All you need is you.


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