Again we are at the end of a month, and you know what that means – here is your energy forecast for March 2018.

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General Energy

The general energy for March is represented by the image of a sun rising on the horizon.  This is a sign that we are starting to “rise above” and find that higher sense of enlightenment and purpose.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone you encounter this month will be totally zen and in the present moment, more than there is a large segment of the population that is “waking up” to how the world really works.

And, don’t misinterpret me when I use the term “wake up”, this does not mean that people are becoming more aware of the injustices of society or what is really going on behind the scenes in politics.  No, instead this means that individuals are realizing that, in fact, they control their own lives.  That the violence and hatred they see on the media is bad and horrible, but how is it exactly affecting their immediate life right now.  Instead, that thought they just had plays a much more significant role in what is going to manifest right in front of them.

This image of a sunrise also speaks to glimmers of hope.  This is a time where we see a glimpse of what will be/can be possible in our probable future as a society.  This doesn’t mean this future will be imminent.  We will still have to wait, this month is just a glimpse, not the start of something new.  The old regime is still here for a little longer.


A whirling tornado is going through your workplace this month.  This tornado will knock down any barriers you are experiencing and throw up into the air any secrets that have been hidden.  Watch out as this tornado is not going to spare even you.

This image also brings with it that whirlwind energy.  Things will happen quicker and faster at work this month.  There will be more of those days which feel like you are just jumping from one task to the next, just trying to keep up.


This month, our friend the fiscal rabbit appears again.  This time he has a wad of cash he is thrumming against his desk in a rhythmic pattern.  This is a time to wait in regards to any big financial decisions.  Do not pull the trigger on buying that large house or that new car.

I just checked the astrological forecast and it looks like our old friend Mercury is planning its trip to go retrograde for the end of the month.  Remember, however, that Mercury will enter its “shadow period” before it actually goes retrograde.  The shadow period is the time that Mercury is covering the ground that it will then traverse again (and again) as it goes backwards across the zodiac.

So it I looks like the astrological gods agree with our fiscal rabbit.  This is not the month for any major money splurges.  And, for those of you in the US, this is a heads up that getting your taxes done early is a good idea.  Who wants to file their taxes while Mercury is in retrograde (now I am heading to my calendar to pencil in some time to work on taxes this weekend…)?


Guys, we have a pretty love scene this month.  A flock of lovebirds (or maybe just pigeons) are coming together and cuddling up next to each other.  Isn’t that cute!  I know, I know.  You want to know what this means for you.

If you are single and looking to mingle – this month look at your friend group.  Is there a guy that you are “just friends” with, but really you feel like it could be something more?  This is the month to take that chance.  Or does your BFF have a friend at work that she is dying to set you up with?  Why not try that!  This would also be a good month to try speed dating or any dating events that surround you with a lot of people and opportunities.

If you are settled and partnered up – this is the month to grab that popcorn, cuddle up on the couch with the whole family (even the dogs and cats) and have a family movie night.  Find opportunities this month to be together as a group.  If you don’t have children, this would also be a good month to plan some double dates.

If you are single and NOT looking to mingle – this is the month to grab your phone, dial up your friend group and schedule an outing.  It is March, and for those in the Northern Hemisphere, hopefully, the weather is starting to get a little nicer.  It is time to get out of hibernation mode and get into friendship mode.


This month, the image for family is a dice being rolled.  It is literally “the roll of the dice” this month energy-wise in terms of your family.  I am getting some indications that you need to look to your past behavior to see what this future behavior will be, but, even then it is a toss-up.

How about this – why don’t you take this energy into your own hands and plan a fun family night where you play dice games!  That way you can incorporate the energy into your life.  And, just for fun, take one of those dice and roll it to see what number you get, then look up the numerology of what that number means!


In terms of your spirituality, this month the image was such that it appeared that I was looking at an altar at a church, but it was dim and backlit.  Suddenly, the lighting in the back grew stronger and stronger. The light was shining brighter.

This month, there is an opportunity to help your light shine brighter.  What does this mean?  By being who you are, and doing what you love to do – by not caring about what other people think or the judgments of others – by just living your soul’s true purpose – you radiate a great light.  When other people see this light it helps them to realize that their own light can shine brighter – that it is okay for them to just be themselves.

This is a month where it will be easier for you to connect with the energies which point out your path and help you find “the way” or your “soul’s purpose”.  And for those of you who are already living your soul’s purpose – that joy that you have will help others this month reconnect with who they really are.


In the advice category, this month we have an interesting scene.  First, I heard the word “cracker jacks”.  Then the scene unfolded of an individual sitting in an empty baseball stadium, his feet stretched up on the seat in front of him, very relaxed.  This individual was eating cracker jacks and just watching the baseball game in front of him.

What does this image mean in terms of advice?  This is a month for you to take a step back internally and pay attention to what is going on around you.  What activity is happening on the field that is your life?

You want to know a secret?  Do you want to know who that individual is who is eating the cracker jacks so casually while watching the game?  That is the manager.  He is the one who is ultimately calling the shots.  And, guess what – you are the manager of your own life.  Even though it doesn’t appear like you are influencing the actions of the people around you, in reality, that is exactly what you are doing.

So, this month, pay attention to your beliefs.  Your beliefs are what create your reality.  You can examine those beliefs by looking at what is happening on the field.  Why is the catcher always missing the long throws to home base?  Why do you always feel deflated after talking on the phone with your sister?  Is it because you have a belief that you are not as good as she is?  Change that belief and you change the action on the field.

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