Today I am going to introduce you to a little psychic game that I used to do weekly when I was working on growing my psychic skills.  I call this the Envelope Game and for it, you will need several pieces of paper and envelopes to go with them.

This exercise is what helped me learn to “tune in” on individual’s energies from a distance and read them just based on their name alone.  This is how I do the vast majority of my readings which you can purchase over my Etsy page.

The premise is relativity simple.  You choose several people from your life that have differing characteristics – so not your two BFFs from high school – more like your mother and your ex-boyfriend.  Start simply with three or four, but you can add more as you progress.

Take these names and write them each individually on a piece of paper.  It helps when starting out, to use their full name that they would use on tax documents, not their nickname.  Later on, nicknames become more doable, but a clear energy connection is best when starting out.

So, once you have written the names on the pieces of paper, place each paper in a separate envelope.  You really do not need to use envelopes here, but I like to take out the element of cheating or “accidentally” looking that may arrive.

Now, if you like, you can label each envelope with a number to differentiate them.  Or you can use letters or symbols, whatever is calling to you at the time.

Now, on a separate piece of paper write each of those numbers down and put the date on the top.  This is where you are going to write your impressions on.  The goal is to be able to use these envelopes multiple times – to, you know, save paper and all.

Okay, now you will want to get in that calm zenned out space.

Take the first envelope and put it in front of you, leaving the others to the side.  I like to put my hand on the envelope, but some individuals will place the envelope up to their third-eye.  Do what feels right to you.

While my hand is over the envelope, I write down any impressions I receive on that separate piece of paper.  This could be images I see in my mind’s eye, noises I hear or just a feeling I have.  Anything that comes to my mind, even those things I think I am forcing.

After you have noted everything you get, put that envelope to the side and take up the next one.  Repeat these steps with each of the envelopes until you are finished.

Now, this is going to be the hard part.  Put the sheet of paper and the envelopes away.  Stash them in a drawer for a week.  The goal is to forget all the insights and impressions you received.

Then, after a week or so, take those envelopes back out.  Get yourself a new piece of paper and write the date on top.  Go through the envelopes again, writing down any impressions you receive.

Keep at this process for at least a month.  You want some data to look at and at least four sessions will be helpful.  When this time period is over – guess what – now you get to open the envelopes!

Look at the names on each page and see what impressions you received that correspond “correctly” with the individual.  But, also realize, that there is a high likelihood that the individual may have been actively doing something at the time that is reflected in your impressions, even if you are not aware of it.

For example, say for your ex-boyfriend on the second attempt at this exercise you wrote down the words: basketball, a tree with a broken branch, blue.  The goal is to figure out what each of these symbols means to you.  Perhaps that former beau was playing a pickup game of basketball just at the moment you were receiving the impression.  Maybe that broken tree branch relates to how you felt broken when your relationship ended.  And maybe that blue simply means that this individual is a boy.

See – at first, those images didn’t mean much, but if you take them one by one they can.

Look at the impressions next to each other.  Are there any similarities between them?  Did you pick up on any themes?  Or, did you find that at first the impressions didn’t make much sense, but by the end, you were spot on (this is what happened to me the first time I did this exercise).

And a little side note about ethics here.  It is generally considered taboo to read people who do not know they are being read.  You need to come up with your own sense of right and wrong here – spoiler alert – whatever you believe is what is right for you.

So if you do not think it is right to read someone who you have not received permission from, make sure to ask them first, because otherwise, you are going to get a blank when you do this exercise.

My personal ethics are fluid.  I read celebrities, people I interact with regularly, and my family members without blatant permission.  My theory is that it is best to be prepared for the energy you are going to experience and if someone is going to be near me than I should know what kind of energy they are giving off.  But, again, do what feels right for you.

Try out this exercise for the next month and see what kind of progress you can make.  Do you feel yourself getting better after the second or third attempt?  Relaxing more and just letting the impressions flow? 

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