In our journey through spiritual basics, we have now made our way to angels.  I have actually put off this topic until now because I wasn’t sure what to talk about.  Many people have very strong – negative or positive – views on angels.  Their association with Christianity can either make people feel the warm and fuzzies or repel them.

With all their background and history, I started to feel a little intimidated talking about my beliefs in Angels.  Would my beliefs be inline with others or would I say something that people do not think is true?  Well, then I realized, this is my platform and I will just tell you my views on angels and let you take what works for your worldview and leave the rest.

So, what do I believe angels really are?

Angels have been written about for centuries, appearing in a variety of religions, not just Christianity.  They make numerous appearances in religious texts, including the bible.  Some people ascribe them with different levels and qualities – from cherubs to archangels and seraphim.

There are individuals who say they will connect you to your angels and will tell you the names of the angels who surround you.  I am not one of these people.  I do not currently connect on a regular basis to the angelic realm, although I also haven’t spent much time trying.

With this in mind, you will understand my background in coming to my beliefs.  I believe that angels are non-corporal entities that are “across the veil”.  Unlike spirit guides, they have not chosen to incarnate in human form and as such do not relate to human qualities and characteristics in the same manner that spirit guides do.

I believe that some of the accounts of angels throughout religious texts are confusing because they do not make the distinction between different types of non-corporeal entities (spirit guides, higher self, ghosts, deceased loved ones).  Some of the encounters have the appearance of spirit guide interactions, but this is not a distinction that (at least to my knowledge) was made in times past.

So, what purpose do angels serve?

I do believe that angels are around us, looking over and providing protection when needed.  In my few encounters, I have felt that angels come at a higher vibrational level and feel a little more “back” or “higher” than spirit guides and other entities.  Almost like they are in the balcony seats watching the play which is our life.  They can interact with the scenes, just in more subtle and harder to perceive ways.

I believe that the main “purpose” that angels have in interacting with us mortals here on earth, is to provide protection, both energetic and physical when needed.  I believe they are here to help us stay on our life-path and to assist in times when we are in trouble, and not in a manner that we had pre-planned.

What does this look like?  Say we planned, at around the age of 20, to somehow have a physical injury that helps us learn lessons of patience and persistence.  An angel isn’t going to help prevent our car from skidding off the side of the road if this is what our higher self wants and what we had planned.

However, if we are walking towards our car on a dark night and someone suspicious walks up behind us, and this is not part of our life plan to get injured or hurt in this manner, if we call on an angel, that angel may come and help protect us – perhaps by changing the perpetrators mind or having a passerby walk by at just the right moment.

There are several main points here that I want to reiterate.

First, we have free will and, as such, we must ask for help.  On some level, even if you don’t want to hear or believe this, we brought whatever circumstance we are encountering into our lives.  We create our own reality with our beliefs and that means there was some belief that brought that suspicious stranger into our lives.

With this same free will, however, we can also change our beliefs.  We can believe that angels exist and that they will protect us if we call on them.  And guess what, if those are our beliefs that is what can happen.

Next, I wanted to point out that part that I italicized above.  The encounter has to be something that our higher self did not plan and that we do not want at some level.  Remember, we may “want” things that seem “bad”, but they actually will have some “positive” aspect to them, some lesson that needs to be learned or experience which will help us grow and evolve in some manner.

Finally, remember that angel’s main purpose is to protect us.  They are not going to bring forth messages about your dead grandmother.  They are not going to show us our life path and direct us to our soul’s purpose.  In my belief, the angel is there for protection.

So, what are your beliefs on angels?  Do they line up with mine or do you feel something different?  Do you believe in angels?

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