I am an avid reader, or at least I think I am.  According to my Goodreads profile, I have read at least 60 books a year for the past five or so years.  I believe books have the power to transform our lives and our perception of reality – at least some books do.

I greatly enjoy finding these books that leave me thinking and considering those BIG QUESTIONS you know like “why are we here” and “what is the meaning of life” and “how can we create the best life possible”.  These are books that wake you up and shake you to the core.

So, with that in mind, I have created my list of the top 5 most influential books in my life – along with a few honorable mentions.

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5. The Power of Love by James Van Praagh

If you have been reading this blog for awhile you may have guessed that this book would be included. The first time I read this book was at my in-laws place for a holiday get-together.  I believe this book helped me remain in that calm centered state while being around the chaotic energies of 6 adults and 2 children staying in the same house for a week.

I think I have now read this book three times, gaining new insight each time.  I have also given it as a gift multiple times, hoping others will find it as valuable as I do.  So, yeah, if you want to know more about this book, just check out my previous post on the topic.

4. Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan

This is a book that is considered a “classic” within the healing community.  In it, Barbara Ann Brennan sets forth her idea about the scientific realities of healing, as well as what she perceives in the human energy field (aka the aura).  This book walks you through her ideas of each layer of the field and what she believes it means.

I will warn you, though, before you embark on this book, it may take you awhile.  It is long and slow going at times.  I think this book took me four months to get through.  And since it was written in the eighties, some of the scientific reasonings are a little out of date.

With that said, this is a cornerstone of an entire field.  Brennan’s work continues in a method she calls “Core Star Healing” and she has schools that provide extensive multi-year training to show others how to utilize the powers of energy healing.

So if you have an interest in healing and the energy field, this is a must read!

3. Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

This is one of those books that, at some time or another, most people will find in their hands. Its impact is incredible and they even made a movie based on it, although I have not actually seen it yet.  And it is definitely a book that asks to be re-read every few years.

This book follows the journey of a young man as he learns the core essential underlying assumptions on which our world is based.  It does so in a fictional narrative and provides examples along the way of how you can accomplish some of these same insights.

I enjoy books that take basic metaphysical concepts and transport them into a fictional world so that you can be entertained while learning.  And, for me, this book just likes to find its way into my life.  I have had several copies over the year, but at no time have I purchased a copy.  I have previously lived in locations where “little free libraries” or “book boxes” were common – little stands where free books are available with the policy of “take a book, leave a book”.  Through these boxes, I received my first copy of this book.  I later gave it away, as tends to happen with inspirational books, but then it again found its way into my life a few years later.  I still have this copy though and plan to keep it for many years.

2. Your Soul’s Plan by Robert Schwartz

I am not sure how popular this book actually is, definitely not as popular as the Celestine Prophecy, but its potential impact is very powerful.  In this book, Schwartz pairs various mediums and psychics with individuals who have had difficult lives.  The mediums and psychics then tune into these individuals and provide readings which relate the reasons behind why they chose (yes, chose) to have certain difficulties presented in their lives.

This book makes you question your perception of things that some people would deem “tragedies”.  He includes a mother with two highly autistic sons and through the mediums shows how this woman and her sons all agreed on what they would like to learn through their autism and how they could best use their skills to better society.  There is also the story of a woman who suffered major injuries through a mail bomb during her college years.  We learn that both she and the bomber had pre-planned this sort of destiny point to help achieve their goals and lessons.

If you have a difficult time wondering why certain “tragedies” just seem to happen to you or in the world at large, this is definitely a great book to read.  Going into it, my main goal was to gain a better insight into that in-between physical incarnation time, but I ended up with an even greater sense of peace about having a daughter who chose to incarnate with physical issues and our likely goals with this decision.

So if you have ever wondered about what happens between incarnations or why certain individuals would choose to live a “hard” or “difficult” life, this should definitely be on your to-read list.

  1. Seth Speaks channeled by Jane Roberts 

I will start by saying, you really have to be ready for this book.  This isn’t just a book for anyone to pick up off the shelf and read.  It has the power to drastically transform and deepen the way you think of and consider reality.

Also, this is not a short, light book.  It is dense and long.  This book took me six months to complete.  I believe I needed this time to broaden my acceptance of reality and to let the material really sink in.

This is a channeled book.  That means that a woman sat in a rocking char, smoked cigarettes, and drank beer while an entity talked through her.  If you have issues with channeled books you are going to have to have an open mind (hehe, that is a little channeling joke) to the matter.

In this book Seth takes you on a journey as to who you are at your essence, not just a soul but a true multi-dimensional being that chose to incarnate into this physical existence to create.  He explains the metaphysical concepts of how there is no real evil in the world and that evil is really just “ignorance of the truth”.  He explains how we don’t really live in an environment of duality – there does not need to be light and dark, good and evil, black and white – but this is a construct that we create with our minds.

Seth walks you through what happens after the death experience and how you truly do create your own experience based on your perceptions of what will happen.  If you believe that you are destined for hell, well, guess what, that is what you will experience after death.  At least for a portion of time until you can come to the realization of your multi-dimensional reality and the creative nature as such.

This book had me thinking deep thoughts for the six months I read it.  Noticing my reaction of initially rejecting some of what he said based on my cultural and social constructs, but then coming around to accepting that what he said actually has truth and merit to it.  Still, when I have a big question about reality I google the topic and Seth to see if the inter-webs can point me to what he said on the topic.

I also purchased his second book, The Nature of Reality immediately after finishing Seth Speaks, along with the fictional books Jane Roberts wrote The Education of Oversoul Seven Trilogy.  Basically, I just couldn’t get enough.  I devoured his second book in one month (what some people say is his best work) and am currently making my way through volume one of his third book, The Unknown Reality

So if you are looking for a book that has the potential to change your entire perception of the fabric of reality – this one is for you.


There are just some books that are really good and impact you greatly, but just didn’t make the whole top 5 list.  These are my honorable mentions.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach

I was first introduced to this book from my father.  I believe I was in middle school at the time.  It is a short book about a Seagull.  It is one of those cult classics that you will get something different from each time you read.  And if you decide you like this book, make sure to check out other books by Richard Bach which are equally as good.

And, interesting side note, Richard Bach actually met Jane Roberts (author of Seth Speaks) and had a session with Seth where Seth explained how Richard came up with the concept of this book.  Cool, right??!!

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Like The Celestine Prophecy, this is a fictional book that takes you on a journey to understand the nuances of basic metaphysical tenants.  I believe it has a large following but, personally, it just did not have as large an impact on my life as other books have – I never found it in a “little free library” box and had to check it out of my library (although I did later buy a physical copy).

Chakras and Auras: A Practical Guide to Your Energetic Body by Mary Shannon

Yeah, so I had to include my book in here.  What is a blog post without some sort of pitch in it, right?  So, here goes.  If you are interested in your energetic body, those chakras and aura that are within and without you – this book will give you the basics while teaching you to be able to understand your energetic body yourself.  If you want to learn how to tell if your chakras are out of balance or the color of your aura – this is a simple and straightforward book that will teach you how to do just that.  Along with all this great powerful information, it also provides insights into how you can help heal and balance your energy bodies.

So, yeah, my book is pretty cool.  Not as cool as Seth Speaks, but pretty decent no-the-less.

What are some of your favorite books – those books that have left a mark on your reality?  I’d love to hear some as I am always adding to my to-read list!


  1. The power of now by Eckhart Tolle, The gifts of imperfection by Brene Brown, The mastery of love by Don Miguel Ruiz(must read manual for relationships), The Bridge Across Forever by Richard Bach, and ofc A course in miracles, which is kind of like a Bible 🙂

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