Hey, my peeps!!  Are you ready for April’s 2018 forecast???

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General Energy Message

Okay, so twice now when I have tried to write out the title of this section, I wrote “general message” instead of “general energy”.  So I guess that means we are changing the title of this section for this month’s forecast!

So, for your general message this month, I saw the image of an individual fishing in a boat.  He caught something and was trying to reel it in, but it wasn’t going in.  There was great tension in his line.  I also got the imagery and the words “whale of a tale” that we had as a general message a few months ago.

What does this mean?  Fishing is a common imagery that my guides use to speak of those things that you have put out into the world and are just waiting for something to come back in – the seeds that have been planting and you are just waiting for that big fish to come along and take a bite.  Here, we are talking about energy that you put out into the universe likely in… August of 2017 (it took me awhile to find out where that whale imagery was located!!) and are now seeing the rewards of this energy.

But, it isn’t all going to be easy.  No, this fish that you have caught is a big one and you have to make a decision.  Are you going to stay with this fish (who could also be a whale) and try to pull him in – which could be impossible – or are you going to release this venture and move onto something else?  If you have read the book you know how this might end…

Neither answer is right – it is just a matter of what is best for you.  What feels right for you??  Do you release that fishing pole or do you hold on for a wild ride??


For this category, I received the image of a brown standard briefcase opening. The first time it opened it was empty.  Then it shut again and the next time it opened it was filled with papers.

This month is one of those times where you are either going to be extremely busy at work, or there is going to be nothing to do and you are going to twiddle your thumbs.  Two extremes here this month, so make sure to pace yourself.


I will say, I love this imagery I received for the money category this month.  Picture this in your mind’s eye – it is raining down dollar bills on you and you are dancing under this torrent to the song lyrics “money, money, money”.  Sounds pretty good, right!

I would say that this imagery bodes well in the money department this month.  You may find yourself coming into to some unexpected cash – or maybe you just find some extra quarters in the couch cushions – either way, thank the universe for their generosity and do a little money dance!!


This month, for the love category, you are going to be sitting on your couch in sweatpants.  I received the words “slump” and “pull back” and that lovely image of putting on some boring grey sweatpants.

Energetically, this isn’t a month to go out and try to make new connections.  Instead, realize that it is okay to pull back your energy a little and just relax and zen out.  Don’t focus on those outside of yourself – focus on that place inside you that just needs to take a break.  You deserve it.


The image for this category is of an old fashion train pulling up to a train station.  My guides send me the image of a train to show advancement and a train station platform is the idea that you have a choice in getting on that train towards advancement or staying where you are.

With your family this month, the choice is up to you.  If you want things to change, then make the effort to change them.  Take the steps necessary to get on that train and head the way you want to go.  But, if you are fine with how things are going, then that is coolio – stay right where you are.

This is also a good time to plan or take a trip with your family members.  Perhaps even just a quick weekend adventure is what you need to re-bond and reconnect.


The image we have for spirituality this month is of a blue balloon floating high into the sky with a little cartoon man attached to the string.  My guides like to use the imagery of balloons for spiritual advancement (whereas trains and vehicles are used for material world advancement).  Here, we have a blue balloon.  Blue is the color of spirituality, specifically, I am getting that feeling of organized or pre-structured spirituality.

This month is a great month to find the spiritual paradigm that works for you and follow through with it.  Maybe you are the type of person who enjoys Sunday church – then make it a priority to go each week.  Perhaps you really feel a spiritual benefit from meditation, then make it a priority to meditate each day or find a meditation group to attend.  Even just following the mandate written out in a book will be helpful.  And for those witches out there, do your esbats this month and pay attention the moon.

It is that consistent practice of faith this month that is going to help your consciousness rise in spirituality.  And it doesn’t make a difference what type of “faith” you have.  I am the ultimate mishmash of different beliefs so there is no judgment coming from this church going witch who spent a fair amount of time in college and law school calling herself a Buddhist.  Whatever gives you the warm and fuzzies is what you should follow – unless they tell you to drink the kool-aid – NEVER DRINK THE KOOL-AID!!!


The advice this month came with the saying “the world is your oyster” – then the image of an oyster opening up…but we don’t see what is inside.  Because – guess what – you have to actually open that oyster. You have to put in the effort in life to pry that slippery thing open and see what kind of pearl lays inside.

So your advice this month is to try – to put in the effort.  Sure, the world is your oyster, but you have to actually open the oyster to see the pearl, otherwise, you just have a grayish colored shell.



    Okay, on a more serious note, I really do love this general energy message, as everything about it resonates with me! My fiance put odour removing packs and stuffed them into the cushions of the sofa. He kept saying they smell like blue whales! He is totally right, but he repeated it a few times and I knew there was a message behind it, but I just couldn’t figure it out until now! I feel like my decision lies between whether I want to go to school and take a trades course, or if I want to stay where I am. Everyone says to stay where I am, but this course that I am wanting to take will have good health benefits if I find a full-time job within the field. Ugh, decisions! I also had in my mind that I either want to spend more time meditating or going to church. I used to attend church on a regular basis, but not anymore. I used to feel bad for not going every Sunday. But I figured I can go to church when I feel like it, meditate on the days I miss church, and research and find ways to incorporate witchy things into my day. I’m glad to know that it is okay to practice different types of beliefs! 🙂

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    1. I love that your couch cushions smell like blue whales! What an interesting combination…

      That sounds like a difficult decision to make, but I also know that you are highly intuitive, so my advice (not that you are asking it) would be to not listen to what other people say and instead to pay attention to what you “see” (a lot of people say pay attention to your gut, but you are more clairvoyant so I say look for the signs and for the images your guides send, guts can sometimes be misleading on us clairvoyants!).

      Oh, and maybe you can look at some of your church activities as meditation time – like prayer is basically a focused meditation. Or you may find a church that includes meditation time in their service (which is what the one I go to does). Meditation does not have to look as formal and rigid as we sometimes think of it as.

      Good luck this month!!!


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