I like to think that I am a pretty decent intuitive.  I do readings for people from across the world and have provided some great insight to individuals who I will never meet in person.  I also give myself daily readings and tend to follow my own advice – so I like to think that that advice and information is good.

But, you know what, sometimes I am wrong.

I know, I know, that is hard to admit, but it is the truth.  Any psychic or intuitive that tells you they are right 100% of the time either has a secret that the rest of the psychic community doesn’t know or is just telling you hogwash (now where does that term come from, what a silly word to say – hogwash!!).

So why exactly are perfectly good and reasonable psychics not always right???  If we purport to tell the future why do we get it wrong sometimes and right others?  Well, I have several different explanations for you.

First, I have had guides tell me information that I knew wasn’t exactly correct, but I passed it along anyway because that is the information that the guide wanted my client to know.  Why is this??  Sometimes when we are told something that is “wrong” and we don’t like it, it shakes us up.  It changes our energy and our focus so that we can then manifest into our lives something that is even better.

Yes, sometimes your guides will lie to me, but really, it is for the best interest of everyone involved, so I roll with it.

And yes, it takes a recognition of your own self-worth as a reader to pass along information that you know isn’t entirely correct and then not say that you know.  You have to remove your ego to provide a great reading.

Then there is a different reason why psychics sometimes get a reading wrong that has nothing to do with guides not being truthful and everything to do with how the universe works and probabilities.

Okay, so I am going to try to explain to you a little bit about probable realities without getting too much into the philosophy or quantum mechanics behind it.  There is this “theory” (or reality, if you prefer) that every decision we make leads to different probable realities – realities that are occurring just as real as the one you are living right now.  Like there are a bazillion other “yous” out there living this life, but following different paths.

There is the “you” that got into Harvard and is living the life of an investment banker in Philadelphia.  There is the “you” who didn’t turn down the job offer from the animal shelter and now spends their day petting homeless kitties.  There is the “you” that dumped that high school boyfriend and is still single in New Jersey.

Those might be some very extreme examples, but it gives you an idea of what I am getting at here.

Back to psychic readings.  When we do these readings, we are trying to follow a line of probabilities to see what will most likely occur down the line.  I sometimes see these probabilities as guitar strings, and you have to figure out which string is most likely to be plucked – which string you are going to experience in this reality that we are currently in.

And, sometimes, you play a different chord.  Sometimes you zig when I thought you were going to zag.  That doesn’t mean that you didn’t follow the string that I thought you were going to follow – it just means that that reality in which you did is not the one we are currently in.

Did I lose you there???

So, what I am saying is that, actually, I was right, just I was right in that reading for a different probable self that you are currently not experiencing.  And the farther out the prediction goes, the more difficult it is for a psychic to be completely correct. This is just how free will works.

I know, kind of far out there.

So, the next time a good and reputable psychic gives you a reading that ends up not being right, realize that maybe it is right in a different reality or maybe this reading is the way it is to shake you up and change your energy flow.

How about you, have you ever had a psychic reading that turned out to be wrong?  Can you see how psychic readings are not meant to be right all the time?

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