We conclude our exploration of different spiritual entities with a discussion on our loved ones who have crossed the veil.  Yes, now we are going to talk about your dead grandmother.

With the increased media attention going to mediums in our culture today, almost everyone understands the concept of your loved one dying and then coming to give you a message.  But, what do your loved ones really want to tell you and why do you want to listen to them??

What has become clear is that your deceased relatives still have the same personality and characteristics they had when they were living.  If your uncle Ernie was always an exaggerator, you may not want to believe everything he says completely when you receive a message from him.  This also goes along with the fact that your loved ones don’t suddenly become all-knowing gurus when they die – unless your loved one was one while they were living.

Instead, when our loved ones cross the veil, they just change dimensions.  They leave their physical body and start to get comfortable again in their energetic body.  And, sometimes, this can take awhile.  This is why some mediums suggest waiting at least several months to give your loved one time to adjust on the other side before they bring through a message.

And what type of message will that medium bring through?  Well, that depends on the medium.  Right now, the vast majority of mediums that you see on tv are what is termed “evidentiary medium”.  Their goal is to provide cold hard facts that this connection they are making is with a person that has crossed over.  This is why they tell you information about a job or a favorite hobby.  You know the medium is really reading the energy of your loved one and not your own when they tell you information that you don’t know and have to check with someone else.

So, what is really the point of connecting with your loved ones who have crossed over??  What makes them different than your spirit guides???

I have found that the most helpful thing that your loved ones can do for you is to validate that there is an “other side”, that energy is eternal, and you do “live on” when you cross over.

Your deceased loved one is also going to provide you with the love and comfort that you miss when they are not physically present anymore.  Sometimes it is helpful to get that reminder that they are still around, even if you can’t see them.

But, remember, this isn’t the entity you are going to ask about your soul purpose from.  They may be able to tell you about some lessons that they helped you learn, but they do not likely have the master blueprint in front of them.

This is actually one reason that I do not consider myself a medium.  Yes, I have brought forth images and messages from the other side occasionally, but, personally, I do not find this information as helpful as the messages that your spirit guides can provide.

I know, that is just my viewpoint and others love receiving messages from their loved ones.  Oh, and I could totally change my mind at any time, next week I may be espousing how mediums are so cool and how we should all receive messages from our loved ones on a daily basis – you know, I want to keep you on your toes…

What you need to realize is that your loved ones are around you when you need them, but they are also working on continuing to learn and develop while they are on the other side.  It is okay to find a medium to deliver a message occasionally, but this isn’t something you should become obsessive about.  Both sides need to move on and keep developing.

Have you had a reading from a medium?  Did you find it helpful?  Who would you rather receive a message from – your spirit guide or your deceased loved one?

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