Do you consider yourself a witch? A psychic?? A healer? Maybe you feel that you are a combination of all three – maybe you are wondering why I am relating these three types of people in the same blog post.

What these three types of people have in common are that they are all energy workers. A witch, a psychic and a healer all work with energy, just in different ways.

So, what are the differences??


Let’s start with a witch because of these three it is the “sexiest” term being bantered around right now. If you have read my post on Reclaiming the Word Witch, you will get a basic definition of what a witch really is. A witch is not a religion (that’s Wicca or paganism), instead, it is a description of a type of person.

A witch is an individual who takes energy and manipulates it. Guess what, all those people who say they are interested in the “Law of Attraction” and “Manifesting” – those guys are really witches. What they are doing, and what witches do, is manipulate energy and the vibrations of energy to attract a certain vibration to get what they want.

How does this work? Let’s take the example of a good old spell bottle. If you have read any spells (or read any Shakespearean plays) you know that spells contain ingredients. Take your eye of newt or amethyst crystal and throw it into a cauldron and you have the basis of a spell.

So, what exactly is happening when a witch puts these ingredients into their cauldron (or bottle or good old fashion kitchen bowl)? The witch is creating a container of items that have the same or similar vibrations.

Quick sciencey break – everything vibrates at a certain frequency. When you are around a certain frequency, it increases the chances that you are going to vibrate at that frequency. Think about tuning forks. When you bang one, the others will start vibrating at the same frequency – same with your frequency and the frequency of that table in front of you.

Now you have a cauldron in front of you and you put the ingredients and items from a spell into it. Those items and ingredients all have a vibration. The witch is merely combining items with similar vibrations to increase the likelihood of attracting that vibration.

In the very basic world of witchcraft, the witch is manipulating what energies come to them and what energies they want to manifest. Pretty simple really. Spells are just a combination of vibrations that are similar. Do the spell during a moon phase and time of day that vibrates at the same frequency, then that just increases the vibratory punch of your spell. Easy-peasy right.

Did I take some of the mystery and glamour out of doing those full moon spells using black candles and herbs – just finding similar energetic frequencies to combine together.


Now, let’s move onto psychics. Also, a term that is near and dear to my heart (see my life’s work for reference). You can also check out my post on Reclaiming the Word Psychic for more info.

Psychics are as sexy a term as witches. Maybe I should have termed this intuitives as that is the “in” word with the millennial these days. Even though I said I was going to use the word psychic more in my work in the blog post linked above – I too have fallen into the habit of using the word intuitive. Yep, my business license and my business cards all use the term Intuitive Consultant instead of Psychic Consultant. Hey, don’t fault me, Intuitive Consultant sounds pretty sexy and mysterious.

Okay, back to the topic at hand. So if witches manipulate energy, how do psychics use energy? Psychics read energy.

What a psychic (or intuitive consultant) is doing when you get a reading from them, is that they are connecting with your energy and then reading the energy pattern that has formed around you. Yep, it is as simple as that.

Now, different psychics will use different “hooks” to tap into your energy and get the connection started to them read. Some psychics need to see you in person or use the sound of your voice. Others prefer seeing a picture of you or your birthday (although, sometimes a birthday is used to make sure you are over 18 – that is why I will ask for birthdays in online readings, I want to make sure you are of age). Personally, I use the vibration of your name to “hook” into your energy and know who I am reading. This all just depends on how the psychic learned to read energy and where their strengths lie.

Let’s summarize what we have so far. A witch manipulates energy and a psychic reads energy. I bet you can guess what a healer does.


A healer uses energy and directs it into the person, place or thing that they are working on healing. A healer is an individual who is adept at pulling energy from a source and then focusing that energy to a specific target.

There are a lot of different types of energy out there in the ethos that energy healers have available and which they can learn to direct. Right now, Reiki is a popular type of energy that individuals like to use, but that is not the only energy system available. I’ve got a secret – you don’t have to pay anyone money to have access to energy for energy healing. Instead, you just need to learn how to utilize and draw on this energy, and it just so happens that a lot of those classes are great at teaching the basics of that.

An energy healer needs to learn how to bring energy into themselves and then direct that energy. Pretty simple (once you learn how to do it)!

So, there you have three different types of energy workers and how they each use energy in their own unique ways. You will find some people call themselves witches that utilize all three types of energy techniques, but, strictly speaking, a witch is someone who manipulates energy.

And, remember, these are all just different types of ways to work with energy. You can take the time and learn how to accomplish all of these methods.

So, what do you consider yourself? Are you a witch? A psychic? A healer? How do you use and manipulate energy?


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