Is it spring yet???  Who else (in the northern hemisphere) is ready for some nice spring weather??  I know my feetsies can’t wait for warm days to walk barefoot through the grass.

You know the drill, it is time for next month’s forecast.  Are you ready to see what energy is in store for May???

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The general energy that came up for May 2017 is the image of a ship on the ocean.  This ship took the appearance of a cruise ship and a battleship simultaneously, one ship being superimposed on the other and the image fluctuating back and forth depending on how you looked at it.

This image tells us that this month we have a focus on emotions.  Particularly, something that may have seemed fun could turn out to be a battle, and visa versa.  The emotions may either be enjoyable or cause you to tense up and prepare for battle.  And don’t be surprised if one occurrence has both components to it.

This is the energy of a baseball fanatic going to watch their favorite team play, only the weather ends up being horrible and they are forced to sit in seats in the direct sunlight as they get hotter and hotter.  Sure, the experience originally had the energy of something fun and exciting, but then sitting through it and experiencing it felt like a battle to make it to the 9th inning.  That is the energy this month.


In the work category, we have the image of our favorite business bunny (you like the name of this rabbit whose image keeps coming up for the work and money categories??).  Well, business bunny is sitting back at his desk flipping coins into a trashcan.

This month, look at the work you are doing and ask yourself if you are getting paid for the work you put in.  In the entrepreneur world, it is very common to give away something free in order to get clients.  If you engage in this practice, just make sure you are not giving away too much and that you actually get back profits in return.  No one needs to be wasting money – just throwing it away.

In the business world, this energy takes the form of making sure you are not working overtime and not getting compensated for it.  If you are a 20-hour employee, make sure you are getting paid for any work you do on top of that.  If you are salaried, are you being fairly compensated or are you giving the company you work for your heart and soul for not much return?

This is a month to pay attention to your worth and that work you do.


In the money category, the image came of a hot air balloon flying over a beautiful green landscape during a spectacular sunset.

This image speaks of “sailing high” and being in a good position financially.  This is a good time to just “go with the flow” and keep any extra income that may come your way (for those US readers – this means not spending your tax refund money the minute it comes in).  It feels like this extra money will be needed during the summer months.  Instead of spending it now, sit pretty on it and keep it for a rainy day.


The image for the energy surrounding love this month started with the focus of a toad in a pond singing a song.  Then his toad buddies joined in and there was a beautiful harmony of toad/froggy voices singing.

This month is a great month to commiserate with your friends.  Find your other toad buddies and just let them hear what you have to say.  If things aren’t going well in the love department, it is always helpful to have another toad to talk to.

Additionally, this image speaks of doing activities that you enjoy, that you will find other toads like you.  It is through doing these activities that you will either bond more with your sweetheart – find that toad you have always been looking to kiss – or just find some pals to chat with.


In the family category, we have the image of a young boy at the end of a dock on a quiet lake with his fishing pole in the water.  This boy is getting bored because he has been waiting for awhile and he hasn’t caught any fish.

If you remember the energy forecast from last month, you will remember that fishing is a sign for waiting for your efforts to be rewarded.  Here, the image adds to this with a feeling of being bored and being impatient with waiting for things to finally get a move on.

This month, you may find your family relationships are not moving or progressing like you would want them to.  Things just get a little boring and you may feel like all your effort is not being rewarded.


Spirituality comes with it another familiar image. Here we have a tractor next to a newly plowed field.

Your family life may not be reaping any rewards, but spiritually, now is the time to receive rewards for the effort you have put in.  Have you spent a lot of time meditating?  Then you may find yourself feeling the benefits of all that hard work this month?  Have you been praying for a solution to a problem?  You may find the answer suddenly manifesting in front of you.  Your spiritual efforts bring about rewards this month.


In the advice column, I was serenaded with a lovely rendition of the song “Lollipop” by a barbershop quartet.  They were pretty good – but I also enjoyed the music provided by those toads.

This month is the month to find your tribe.  You may hear this all the time, find your tribe – your people – and you will feel a sense of connection.  But, here we are reminded that your tribe does not need to be made up of people that are all alike – they just need to harmonize with each other.  If you have too many baritones in a group the sound isn’t going to be right.  Instead, make sure your tribe is made up of a wide variety of voices that all gel well together.

This advice pairs nicely with the other categories, especially that love category.  This is a month to do what you enjoy doing – to go out and meet other people by engaging in activities that mesh with your vibes and your way of life.  The people you meet do not have to have the same views and outlook, they just need to harmonize with you and help you to create beautiful music.

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