Any basic entry level psychic development class or book will teach you about the different clairs – your extrasensory perceptions that you use to help gather information from the energetic world that you then use for your psychic predictions or assessments.

Everyone can utilize all their clairs, but some are more sensitive to certain abilities than other people.

Most people have heard the term clairvoyant and know that to mean someone who “sees the future”.  But what about the other senses and how to gather information in alternative ways?

Here, I am going to walk you through what each of the clairs means but do so in a fun and playful manner that will help you to get a better understanding of these senses.  Yep, that is right, we are going to have a little fun!!!

I’d like to introduce you to the “Clair” sisters – a group of teenage sisters who all are named “Clair”!

First, let’s start with clairvoyance – clear seeing.  “Clair”voyance is the sister in the pack that dresses like it is Halloween every day and wears traditional stereotypical gypsy outfits.  She likes to carry around her crystal ball in which she occasionally gets quiet, stares into the ball and makes some archaic pronouncement.

Just imagine this sister sitting at the kitchen table, eating her Wheaties, when all of a sudden she closes her eyes, puts her fingers to her forehead and announces “I see a red X over a microscope”.  She then proceeds to talk about all the different things this image could mean, only later to understand that she had a quiz in her chemistry class that day and she got every question wrong (she was too busy daydreaming – aka refining her clairvoyant skills – the day before to listen to the teacher when he said there was a quiz the next day).

Next, let’s talk about clairaudience – clear hearing.  “Clair”audience always has her headphones near her.  If they aren’t over her ears they are hanging around her neck.  And not the wimpy earbuds kind of headphones.  No, only the best for this “Clair” as she prefers her beats by Dre.  This “Clair” is always humming a tune, which totally annoys her sisters.

When sitting around the breakfast table in the morning, this sis will proclaim, “today is going to be bright and sunny!”.  When her sister’s ask how she knows, she will tell them that she just heard the song “On the Sunny Side of the Street” playing in her head – and then she will go on to sing the full version until her sisters throw a muffin at her to get her to stop.

From here, we move on to claircognizance – clear knowing.  “Clair”cognizance is the sister who is just a know it all.  You know the one, the one that is always right, even if you hate to admit it.  She is the protectionist of the group, wearing her pink cardigan buttoned up and her hair in a tight bun.

At the breakfast table, this “Clair” sits down amid an already heated gossip session about the couples at school and tells her sisters that Barbie and Ken have broken up.  All the sisters roll their eyes and “Clair”audience says there is no way that happened because Barbie and Ken have sworn undying love to each other.  But, each sister knows that when they get to school, Barbie and Ken will most likely have had a falling out, because, no matter how much they argue, “Clair”cognizance is always right.  She just “knows” things.

Next up is clairsentience – clear feeling.  “Clair”sentience wears yoga clothes night and day.  She is always moving her body in some way and excels at any school sport she chooses to join, although right now she is just the head of the yoga club and refuses to join the dance team even though its members have practically begged her.

While eating her bowl of organic fruit at the morning breakfast table, she looks over to “Clair”voyance and says “Ugh, you have that headache again!!  What have I told you about drinking too many cups of coffee in the morning?  You need to lay off that stuff and drink water purified by reverse osmosis”.  “Clair”voyance rolls her eyes at her sister but has to acknowledge she does have that headache again.

Now we have the often forgotten – clairalience – clear smelling.  “Clair”alience sits back at the kitchen island, not really in the cool crowd with her other sisters at the dining room table.  But, she doesn’t mind sitting back here near the smells of the kitchen.

This sister loves flowers because of their beautiful smell.  She even put together beautiful arrangements that decorate each room of the house.  This sister (along with the help of her parents because she is underage) has already started a doTerra essential oil business and regularly recommends oils to her friends and sisters.  Today she is sporting peppermint in her oil diffusing bracelet because she actually listened to the teacher yesterday and knows there is going to be a quiz in Chemistry, so she wants to be focused and on her game.

Finally, we have clairgustance – clear tasting.  “Clair”gustance sits back at the breakfast bar with her sis “Clair”alience.  They just aren’t part of the “cool” sisters, but she is okay with that.  She likes being near food.  She likes the taste and all the ingredients.

While the other sisters are munching on their breakfasts, this sister takes the time and effort to cook up a veggie-tofu scramble and adds fresh organic fruit to the side of her plate.  She is one of those “super tasters” and has strong opinions about what foods she is willing to eat.  She has even become a vegan, much to the chagrin of her parents, because she swears she can taste the suffering of the chickens in the eggs and the puss from the factory farming in the milk.

Finally, let me introduce you to the “Clair” sister’s little brother, Empath.  Em has some of the abilities of the other sisters, but he has the added ability to feel the emotions of others, especially when he gets too close.  He isn’t even sitting at the breakfast table, instead, he is up in his room just dreading going to school in the morning.

He hates school, in fact, he hates any activity that brings him in contact with a large number of people, but really, school is the worst.  Rooms upon rooms filled with hormonal young people – the emotions just fly all over the place.  By the end of the day Em likes nothing better than to head to swim practice where he can just do lap after lap and let the cool calming effects of the salt water (their school uses salt instead of chlorine – you know, it is up with the trends) help to calm Em’s nerves and bring him back to himself.

There you have it, the “Clair” sisters and their little bro “Em”.

Do you have any of these Clairs?  Which Clair is your favorite, or do you prefer Em?  Which Clair would you want to invite over for dinner?

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