We are all made of energy. You are probably getting tired of me saying that! But, it is true. In our modern day society, we just aren’t attuned to this energy and we don’t pay attention to it. However, more and more people are starting to wake up to the power and potential that this energy exists.

What many individuals are realizing is that sometimes our physical and mental illnesses and diseases actually stem from something other than just bad habits or happenstance. Sometimes, these issues are the product of stuck or blocked energy and emotions. When we allow ourselves to release that energy and let our energy flow freely through our body, that is when we can find the greatest amount of health and happiness in our life.

So you may be asking – what exactly is energy healing and why do we need it???

Okay, let’s break this down to the basics. Everything is energy. Your body is made of various energy centers and aligns to certain vibrational energies (see my book Chakras and Auras for more information on this). The state of these energies is dictated by your thoughts and emotions – because – even your thoughts and emotions are energy.

What this means is that each of your thoughts vibrates at a certain energy level. Your body is made up of the different thoughts and energy outputs that you have had throughout your lifetime. Different vibrations (aura colors) align with who you are and your belief systems.

So, now we have established that your thoughts create your energy centers and your body. Next, let’s look at – Why do energy blockages occur?

If you examine your thoughts and energy throughout the day you will discover that not all of them have the same vibrational rate as what your body is used to – aka some thoughts and emotions may be “negative”. When we hold onto these “negative” energies and do not release them, this can create blockages or tears or holes in our energy system.

Think of it like this. Let’s say you are a generally nice and happy person. You’ve lived a pretty normal and positive life, going to work each day and coming home to a nice family life. But, as it happens, let’s say you experience the death of your mother (side note for my mother- this is just an example – I’m not trying to kill you off). You are so busy with work and kids, trying to comfort your kids and not “scare” them with your tears, trying to get everything arranged, trying to settle the estate, that you don’t give yourself the time or permission to grieve.

You hold in this grief, this energy that is not in alignment with your natural vibrations, this “negative” energy. By holding onto this energy and not letting it flow through your system, you create a block in your energy field. Let’s say that you hold this energy in your stomach area. If you do not allow this energy to flow out, it will stay put and fester.

Now, let’s say that your friend experiences the death of her mother. All those feelings that you did not express previously are triggered again. But, again, you are too busy to deal with them so you hold them inside, and again that energy creates that block.

Keep going through this scenario and the block keeps being triggered and formed. If it is not dealt with and released, eventually it may develop into a physical manifestation. Eventually, this person will start to experience stomach aches or intestinal problems. The doctors may even have a difficult time figuring out why this woman who has never had stomach problems suddenly starts experiencing them with no “known” cause. The traditional doctors will likely give her medicines which may help the symptoms, but that energy block is still going to be there.

So what is our hypothetical woman to do? How can we clear energy blocks??

Well, here there are various methods or techniques she can use to clear the energy block. She may try journalling or meditation, some time spent in self-reflection, counseling, even different bodywork methods. Depending on her personal vibrations and what she believes will work, one of these methods may be successful for her in clearing that energy block.

One method that has been around for years, but is gaining popularity is energy healing. Energy healing takes place when a practitioner sends energy to the energy body of another person. This practitioner can help clear away that block by realigning it with the correct vibration for the individual – thus bringing her back into balance. But, if the woman’s thoughts do not change, she will eventually create that block again.

What I want to stress, however, is that each of us has the power within ourselves to bring healing. We just need to listen and pay attention. Sometimes it takes the patience and skill on another individual to start us on our healing journey, to align our energy so that we can continue down the path to health.

You can find different energy healers using different methods – some popular energy techniques right now include Reiki and Core Star Healing. Different practitioners will have various ways they go about providing the service and with different levels of experience and training. Make sure you feel comfortable with the individual you choose to help you on your energy journey.

For those of you interested, I do offer energy healing as a service to my clients. I offer this service through distance healing, as you do not need to be in the same room to receive energy, it will work no matter the location.

So, that is the how and why behind energy healing – what it does and why it works. It is just a means to get your vibrations and frequency back into alignment with what they are supposed to be – what is natural for you.

Have you ever experienced energy healing? What is your favorite technique? Do you believe in the power of energy healing?



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