In the new age and metaphysical world, you have likely been told over and over again that you need to “raise your vibration”.  But what do these words really mean??  What does it really feel like to raise your vibration and why is this so important?

After reading this concept over and over again, and even spouting it off myself, I finally realized that I had never read anything that actually explained the nitty-gritty of what raising your vibrations really feels like and why it is so important.

Why is it important to raise your vibrations??

First, let’s start off with the “why”.  Let’s look at this from a psychic and intuitive standpoint.  When tapping into the energy source that has all this information, it is important for us to “raise our vibrations” simply because the information is contained at a higher vibrational level.

When we raise our vibrations, it allows us to gather more information and live in a place where we have a greater connection to other dimensions.  Now, what do I mean by other dimensions??  For some, this could mean it brings you closer to heaven, like a heaven on earth – experiencing the vibratory rate of heaven (or getting close to it) while still on earth.

But, heaven is a loaded word, and it is just that, a word.  We can also say “the other side” or “across the veil” or “that place we go when we die” or “akashic records”.  Whatever you want to call it, by raising our vibrations we get closer to that place.  We are able to access the information and the entities that are located in that place at a greater frequency.

What does this mean?  By raising your vibration you can “talk to dead people”.  You can get into contact with your deceased loved one, your spirit guides, and even your higher self.  You can also “read” the energy field (also a higher vibration) around people and thus tell them what their aura looks like or what they have experienced in the past.

What does it feel like to raise your vibrations??

You will find a lot of articles out in the inter-webs about different ways to raise your vibration.  Some people swear by eating certain foods while others say you need to meditate daily.  But, really, you can learn to raise your vibrations by moving energy up through your body and to a higher place.

But first, you have to learn how to move energy through your body.  This takes time, patience and actual effort – I know, I am going to make you do some homework.  Feeling and moving energy is a skill that takes practice, but it is totally doable.  You can learn this from a variety of places and methods, but it is available to everyone.

The sensations of moving energy are subtle.  I like to start with taking the energy that is in my body and pushing it into the ground – aka grounding your energy.  To do this, it may help to stand up straight, with your feet hips distance apart.  Close your eyes and “feel” energy leaving your body and going into the ground, growing out of you like the roots of a tree.

Next, take that energy and pull it from the roots of the tree back up.  Move this energy up through your legs and along your spine, hitting each chakra center, until it finally moves out the top of your head.  But, don’t stop there.  Continue to move this energy up into the air as high as you can get it to go.

Don’t be surprised if you can’t “feel” this energy the first time you do it (or even the fifteenth).  This is the type of exercise that takes daily practice.  But the more you do it, the easier it will be and then one day, everything will just click and you will realize you have been feeling, moving, and directing this thing called “energy” for weeks now.

What does it feel like to raise your vibration??

Everyone will feel differently when they have raised their vibrations.  But, even so, I find it helpful to hear other people’s experience, so I thought I would tell you guys a little about my experience with a raised vibration.

When I get into that raised vibratory state, I know I am there by that tone and pitch of the ringing in my ears.  Yes, certain types of ringing in the ears is bad and a medical condition, but sometimes when you hear a ringing it is a sign that you are “listening” to a higher vibratory rate.  When I get to this place, I can “hear” my guides and other people’s guides better.  And there are different levels of this.  This “higher” I go, the higher and stronger the pitch gets.

When I have a raised vibration, I am better able to see the energy around me.  I can literally see (not just in my third eye) the energy around me as static, like on a tv screen.  I wrote a whole blog post about what energy looks like that you can check out to “see” more.  But, the most common occurrence when I get in this raised vibratory state is that static appearance.

Additionally, I will feel a calming down of my mind.  This is a very peaceful and serene feeling that just forgets about any of the worries of the day.  It also “feels” like I have a “knowing” that everything is going to be alright.

So, that’s it!  That is what raising your vibration is really about!  Sure, meditation and eating whole foods helps this process, but this is the step-by-step how-to for actually getting into that raised state.

What do you think about raising your vibrations??  Can you feel energy coming in and out of your body??  What symptoms do you experience when you raise your vibration?


  1. This was helpful. Lately been having the ringing in my ears. It’s constant. Sometimes low sometimes high. I feel like I can hear the atmosphere or the frequency in the atmosphere.

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    1. It “sounds” like you may be hearing energy! See if you can concsiously make it get higher. Try extending your energy up above your head and see if the frequency tone changes in any discernable way.


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