When developing your psychic abilities, one of the first tasks you are going to have to do is to distinguish whether the insights you are getting are really psychic or if they are just your imagination.  This is the case when using any of your “clairs” – but it is most easily talked about with the sense clairvoyance.

When you get a clairvoyant image in your mind’s eye, you are seeing a picture.  For a refresher on this skill, I want you to picture a pink bunny rabbit wearing a purple tutu.  That image right there is what your clairvoyant images will look like.

With psychic readings, it is going to be important to realize and distinguish when that thing you see in your mind’s eye is really a “hit” on the psychic train and when it is merely your imagination playing games with you.

To do this, it is helpful to use a psychic tool.  Here I am not talking about tarot cards or runes, I am talking about a psychic tool in your mind.  Some people use a screen.  They put up a screen in their mind’s eye and see what images are portrayed on it. Anything to the side or not on a screen they know is not psychic information.

What I like to do is use an “opening” like a door or a window.  I will get in my raised vibratory state, ask my question, and see what images appear.  If it feels like the images are my imagination, I “see them” opening up to the layer underneath them.

Another way to tell if an image or insight you are receiving is from the psychic realm or not is to pay attention to what you are currently experiencing.  If you have been thinking about your dog all day and then see a mental image of a dog, it may just be that your imagination is thinking about dogs.  But, if you “see” an image of a marching band and you have not been to a parade recently or have any connections with marching bands – it may just be that a marching band is your psychic symbol for something.

This trick also works with clairaudience too.  A lot of the time it is difficult to discern whether it is just your voice in your head talking, or if it is your guides or higher self getting information through.  With the words, you hear or the songs that just randomly pop into your head, pay attention if there is any reason for you to hear or think about those words recently.  If you just heard Jingle Bells on the radio and then you hear it playing in your head, that likely is just you, not your guides.  But if you hear Jingle Bells in the middle of August and haven’t thought about that song since last December – then, yes, that is probably a psychic message coming through.

I have found that it is very useful to practice this discernment every day.  It is only through practice that you are going to learn what images “feel” like your imagination or mental chatter and which ones are truly psychic insights.  This is one reason I “read” the energy of myself and the world every morning – tapping into the energy grid and “seeing” what I see.  It is through doing this exercise that I learn what is just me and what is something else.

Have you ever had images or songs pop into your mind seemingly out of no where?  Do you have any special technique to distinguish psychic information from mental chatter?

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