Is everyone ready for June!!!!  For me, June is about the start of summer and figuring out fun and entertaining activities to do with my family.  What are your plans this month?  Perhaps the monthly forecast below can give you insight into what you should or should not be doing this month!

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General Energy

The general energy this month changes.  That cruise ship energy we had last month, that gigantic ship sails right into a wormhole and we get tossed into outer space!  What does this mean…that emotional energy may start to shift and change and take on a different appearance. It may seem foreign to you, like something you are not used to.  For example, if your co-worker always responds to you the same way, perhaps with cold indifference, all of a sudden they may start coming to you with a smile and a friendly gesture – perhaps even bringing you a donut from the break room.

The energy we are entering into may not “feel” normal, like something you are used to.  But, that is okay.  You just need to wear that new sweater for awhile before your vibes mesh with its vibes and you become besties.

Just takes some deep breaths into this new energy that is coming in.  Everything will be okay.


This month, you are riding a teal blue moped into work.  Look at you go with your business attire and a briefcase holding onto this little moped.  This month, there will be some progress in your work life, but it may not necessarily be the kind of progress you wanted.  It may actually seem kind of lame (if you think mopeds are lame – if you are saying, no way, mopeds are da-bomb – well, then maybe this month will be really exciting for you!)…(I officially take no position on if mopeds are lame or cool…).


This month, our business bunny is sitting at his desk counting his dollar bills into neat little piles (what kind of business is this bunny in that he has so many dollar bills?????).  This month, look for streams of revenue from multiple sources – don’t just depend on one option to pay your bills.  Also, make sure all your bills are getting paid – every category – not just the phone and internet bill.  Oh, and while you are at it, put a little in that pile for a rainy day, it is best not to forget that pile!


Your love life is like a kite flying high in a cloudless sky…or, maybe there are a few whips of white clouds.  Anyway, this month is about doing something fun in your love life.  Don’t just go on the same standard dinner and a movie kind of dates (is this the type of date that young-uns go on these days???).  Instead, spice it up with an adventure rock climbing or go kayaking down a river.

And for my single peeps that aren’t looking to mingle, make sure you are having fun with yourself this month.  Book that spa day that you have always dreamed about – go to the store and buy yourself a kite and go out and fly it.  Don’t worry, people won’t judge you for flying a kite at your age.  Instead, they will be secretly jealous that you are having so much fun!


Your family life is like the shoreline of a lake, with a few calm waves lapping against the gravely sand.  There may be a few minor riffs this month, but nothing too big.  Overall it feels like a calm family dynamic is brewing for this month.  Take advantage of this and perhaps plan a trip to a lake with your family!


The pope makes an appearance in all his regalia this month (do you think the pope would be upset that he is a symbol for a psychic…probably not, he seems like a cool dude).  This month, with your spirituality, try to add a little ritual.  There is a reason so many religions have rituals built into them – they work.  Rituals help put you in the correct mindset to then perform whatever tasks you are looking to perform.

For some of you, this may take the form of lighting a candle and the same brand of incense before you meditate each morning.  Just the smell of that incense will help you get into your meditative mindset quicker.  For others, this may be praying the rosary or saying the Lord’s prayer before you embark on task – doing these things may help you calm down.  Find a way to add a little bit of ritual into your life this month, no matter how simple it may seem.


We have some straightforward advice this month – trust yourself.  Yep…pretty simple.  No flowering pictures or weird symbolism to decode here.  This is all about trusting yourself.  You do not need outside sources to verify what you already know.

For my card reading peeps, this means you don’t always have to pull a card to figure out if you should do something.  Just trust your inner knowing and go with it.  If you keep second guessing yourself you aren’t going to build up your intuitive understanding.  You know the right answer.  Trust.

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