As many of you know, I love talking about auras.  I even wrote a book about them.  I love looking at auras, both with my third eye and my physical eyes.  I love reading about auras.  I love helping people clear blocks and close holes/tears in their auras.  I think you get the gist of this – I am a big fan of auras.

With all the research and experience I have had, I realized that not a lot of people talk about the actual colors of auras that you see with your physical eyes.  Yes, you can see auras with both your physical and your third eye.  When I do aura readings, I use my third eye since the individual is not right in front of me.  You can get very clear images of an aura with a trained third eye.

But, don’t discount seeing auras with your physical eyes either. This process is a bit harder and takes time to develop.  Not because it takes time to learn the techniques or to raise your consciousness to a high level, but because it takes time to strengthen the proper eye muscles needed to see auras with your actual eyes.

Some people do not even realize when they see a flash of aura color because you need to be paying attention.  Also, the background behind an individual will skew the actual color you see.  This is why many people recommend looking at someone behind a white or black wall, so you see the correct color.

The thing about aura colors though, is that even if you have trained your eyes and have someone with a black/white background, the actual color you see may still not be the same as the color you see with your third eye.

We all see color differently.  We all describe color differently.  But that is not exactly what I am talking about here.  The actual physical vibration of the colors in the aura manifests slightly differently than the colors you see in physical form.

For example, let’s take children.  Young children (not infants but younger than 3 years old) tend to have mostly red auras.  This is because they are focused mainly on their physical body and learning how to move and propel themselves in this physical world.  But, if you look at and pay attention to the aura of a young child, that color won’t look like the red you see in a book or on a piece of paper.  I would actually call the red I see around young children as more of a magenta color.

This can be confusing when you first start seeing colors with your physical eyes, because it may make you second guess yourself.  If you know someone has a red aura but then see magenta, you may wonder what this means.

The differences in aura colors are seen in some other colors as well.  I see yellow pretty closely to yellow but with a bight light in it.  Green looks like a bright spring green with an extra shot of energetic white.  Blue is similar, almost as a neon blue, very pale in color.  Purple is similarly neon and blends in easily with dark backgrounds so can be hard to distinguish.  I have a very difficult time separating indigo and purple with my physical eyes and use my third eye to help me distinguish the two colors.

You get the idea.  The colors you see physically in the aura may not be the same as the colors you see on a paper.

What colors do you see when you look at someone’s aura?  Is one color easier or harder to see?

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