Yep, we are almost to July.  Is everyone enjoying their summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) or winter (in the Southern Hemisphere)?  So far my summer has been a lot busier than I thought it would be!  I’m glad that I know what to expect energy-wise and have planned accordingly.  Below is your July forecast so you can plan around what energies are coming our way!

General Energy

This month we are in a grey vehicle.  This vehicle is not the same for all of us.  Some of us are on a plane and some of us are on a boat.  The speed at which the vehicle travels tells us the speed at which our life is going.  Some of us are on a leisurely cruise line taking our time to get where we want to go.  Others are on a fighter jet going at lightning speed and taking down others in the process.

Neither vehicle is better or worse than the other.  Your goal is to realize what vehicle you are in and if that is the right choice for you.  Does your vehicle fit your personality and your goals?


Who let the tiger out of the cage?  This month there is a tiger roaming around the workplace growling at everyone and climbing up other people’s trees.  It is easy to let this energy into your work environment and then you become a tiger too – sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong.

Watch your temper and those around you this month.  Don’t get involved in energy which is not your own.  Stay on your own branch, in your own tree.


The strawberries are ripe, are you ready to pick them?  This month, all the “fruits” of your labor are sitting ripe on the trees.  You have put in the hours and the effort to get them where they are supposed to be – they are juicy and plump for the picking.  Now the challenge comes to actually pick those berries.  Get up off your butt and do the remaining tasks you need to do to get those berries into the basket.

Sometimes we have unconscious (or conscious) blocks to money.  We don’t think we are worth it – we live and speak a mentality of lack.  But your efforts are bearing fruit, you just need to open your eyes and see.  Yes, you may be afraid to finally get what you have always wanted – but don’t let that fear stop you in your tracks.  Go pick those berries!


We move back in time in our berry picking scheme to a moment where the planting is being done.  You are out in your side garden, with that big sun hat on, planting the seeds.  In your love life, this month now is the time to plan and prepare for the future.  Take the steps to get where you desire to be, whether that is signing up for a dating service or planning a romantic getaway with your sweetie in October.  Whatever you want your future to look like, plant those seeds this month.  Your berries won’t come if you don’t take the time to plant the seeds.


There is a koala in front of you, wearing a black mask and holding onto that tree with all its might.  July is the month to “hold on to what you’ve got” in terms of family. And don’t discount who you consider “family”.  Someone may be hiding right in front of your face and you just don’t realize who they are or what they mean to you.  Look behind that mask to who they really are on a soul level.


There is a purple balloon going up, are you ready to hold on tight?  Purple is the color of spirituality, the crown chakra and the connection to the divine.  You have an opportunity for growth in this area, the energy is there for you.  You just need to take it – to hold on and let it pull you up.

What does this look like practically?  This looks like following your intuition and where it leads you.  Taking time each day, or at least each week, to devote to your beliefs and your knowledge of the great beyond.  This may mean reading a book, doing a meditation or going to church.  Do what is right for you.


You!  Yes, you over there!  Sit down and stop rocking the boat!  Just let things be this month. Don’t be the one that is causing all the drama.  This also means reacting to other people’s drama and spreading that around.  Sure, your bestie wants to vent to you.  That is cool.  Be the supportive friend and listen.  But it doesn’t help anyone to suggest measures to increase the drama – aka don’t tell your bestie to egg her ex’s house just because he dumped her via a text.  Don’t be that kind of friend!

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