With August right around the corner, we are smack dab in the middle of eclipse season.  What does this mean, the energy is unstable and constantly changing.  If you want to learn how to navigate this energy, read below to see what is in store!

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General Energy

This month, our general energy is represented by the image of a white duck staring at us and quacking at us incessantly.  Think of the Aflac duck talking to you non-stop, only the channel is on mute so you can’t really hear what he is saying.

So, what is this duck trying to tell us?  Ducks represent flexibility and adaptability.  They can float in the water, walk on the land and fly in the skies.  They have the ability to traverse whatever in before them by using the skills they already have.  So this month, look to what skills and resources you already have to get a job done.  This can be as simple as looking around the house for tools you can use to finish a project before going out and buying new ones – or as profound as looking within to the spiritual tools you already possess and use that inner knowledge to quell anxiety or emotional issues.

And, this is a white duck.  White is symbolic of the divine.  So, pay attention to what the divine is trying to tell you this month.  That duck is just quacking away in your ear so much that you put the channel on mute and can no longer hear what he is saying.  Can you find time to un-mute that channel – to get in your spiritual zone and tune into what your guides or angels are trying to communicate to you?  Take some time this month and un-mute that channel.


In the work department, we have a swirl of energy taking us into the tornado and upward.  The thing about tornados is that you never know where they are going to spit you out at the end.  You could end up in the executive suite or you could end up out in the streets.

This month, at work, take a deep breath. That whirlwind of energies is coming – this is eclipse season after all – and those energies are going to take you in and spit you out.  Where…now that is the question.

So, what does that actually mean?  It means that you need to just relax into the energy and know that change is coming.  Will the change be good or bad – that isn’t for you to decide right now.  Your job is to ride that energy wave and make sure no flying cows hit you in the head.


Your finances are separated this month into whites, darks and colored clothing – yep – that those laundry piles are right in front of you.  And this month, you need to take a look at your finances and make sure you are separating out for different areas of your life.  Are you saving enough for your rent or mortgage each month?  How about that category for miscellaneous expenses – are those “other” clothes falling out of their basket?

Reign in the expenses that are getting out of control and make sure you aren’t shortchanging others.  That pile over to your right for dry cleaning – you know – that money you are saving for trips and adventures – make sure you aren’t forgetting about that and just letting them linger.  Keep that pile growing too and don’t try to put your dry clean only clothes in the basket with your whites – aka – make sure to separate out some money for fun and not only just boring stuff!


Your love life this month is like a box of crackers – you are only going to get the same bland salty flavor one after another.  Yep – this month is kind of boring for your love life.  You’ve got to eat what is right in front of you and all that is is plain old saltine crackers.  But, you know what, at least you have something to eat.

Now, what do these crackers mean?  It means this month may seem routine in your love life.  If you are partnered up, you may spend this month engaged in other activities that keep you busy and not necessarily focussing on date nights with your sweetie.

If you are single and looking to mingle – things may run a little stale this month.  Going to the same old place each weekend is going to result in the same old routine and the same people.

If you are single and not looking to mingle – you’ve got a bunch of the same old same old in front of you.  Yes, spending time with the same friends or just you.


Family this month brings us on an inward spiral.  Instead of us projecting our energy outward towards other people, we bring it back into ourselves – for we are our ultimate family.  This month we focus more on our spiritual family then our external family.

Find time to connect with those that are not incarnate right now.  This may mean connecting with deceased ancestors, spirit guides or members of your soul group.  You can do this in a variety of ways, but dreams, in particular, are strong this month.  Before you go to bed at night ask to reconnect and you will while you sleep.


This month, the spiritual drums are beating – are you in rhythm?  There is a strong beat in the spiritual world – it is loud and it is strong.  Find that beat inside of yourself.  Listen intently.  I can’t tell you what it is saying – only you can do that.  Find that rhythm and move to it.


Watch out on your left – there is an old tv set in the road!!  This month, you are driving a race car and you need to watch out for the obstacles that get in your path.  Forward movement is key, but there will be obstacles and incidents that you need to avoid and not run into.  Pay attention to where you are going this month – keep your eyes on the road – one segment at a time – don’t look too far forward or you may miss the obstacle right in front of you that you need to avoid.

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