Victorian Romantic Tarot 3Lately, I have really been enjoying the Victorian Romantic Tarot by Baba Studios.  Not too long ago they released an updated version of this classic with some gilding on the cards – basically, some of the cards have some shiny golden parts that looks like gold was placed on the cards (it’s not real gold – that would make the cards cost way too much!!!).

Many in the tarot community know the reputation behind Baba Studios and the quality cards they make.  These images are carefully chosen from different artwork and combined in ways to give each card a unique meaning.  If you are a fan of art and art history, this is a great deck, and I would highly recommend adding on the addition of the guidebook which explains which painting each aspect of the cards comes from along with showing the larger image.

But…I’m not an art aficionado so that aspect is not what drew me to these cards or what keeps me coming back and choosing them day after day.

So…why do I like these cards??

Card Stock

If you have read any of my previous reviews (Here and Here), you know how important the card stock of a deck is to me.  I am a riffle shuffler and I like my cards to shuffle easily.  To be honest, when I pre-ordered this deck I didn’t expect the card stock to be great for shuffling.  I thought the gilding and expense of these cards would mean they would be difficult to shuffle – a la Star Child Tarot: Akashic Edition.

Boy was I surprised when I got the deck and actually handled the cards.  The card stock is a thinner plasticy variety that makes it easy to shuffle.  The cards bend nicely and snap back into place. The gilding is nicely done and incorporated into the card – not on top of card – so it does not have any risk of flaking off or messing with that sweet sounding shuffle.


Victorian Romantic TarotBut, it wasn’t the shuffle that brought me to these cards – I was just nervous about the shuffle back then.  What brought me to these cards are the images.  These images bring back a feeling of times of old.

Something that draws me to decks is those that make me feel like I am tapping into something ancient and mysterious.  I think about having a client who has never had a reading before and is a little nervous.  All their expectations for this form of divination and the mystery surrounding it.  The idea that this is something ancient and full of esoteric meaning.

With that idea in mind, this deck sets the stage perfectly.  They aren’t something a client without exposure to tarot is likely to see.  The images themselves evoke an air of mystery and intrigue.  I know that if I was in the client’s shoes I wouldn’t be disappointed getting a reading and seeing these cards come up on the table.

Solid reliable readings

And then there is the reason I keep coming back to this deck day after day.  This deck gives pretty solid and reliable readings.  Those tarot readers out there know what I’m talking about.  There are some decks that just answer the questions asked straight up each time while others will occasionally give good readings but other times feel like a miss.

So far, this deck has been pretty spot on each and every time I’ve used it.  Even those times I don’t like the answer or don’t want to accept what it has to say.  Yep – this deck will give you the truth.

I pair my intuitive psychic skills with tarot regularly so that always gives me a little hint of what the answer will be before I draw the cards.  With these cards, they match up perfectly to the intuitive hits I get.  When I get a message of movement – that chariot card will come up – pretty exact.

Not everything can be perfect

Now, the part of this deck that will turn some people away – the price.  This deck is a little pricey, especially when you add in shipping.  Baba Studio is located in Ireland (with a space in Prague), so, basically, this deck ships from Europe.  Those who are in that area may find postal pricing to be a little less – but if you decide you like what they are selling and get over $150 of their products, you don’t even have to worry about shipping costs as it will be free…I may have gone this route…

The deck itself is a little pricier than normal decks as well, but with that, you get that metallic gold overlay – so this isn’t just a standard printed deck.  But, if you are a true tarot collector with an unlimited budget – they did run a version of this deck in 2006 with actual gold on it…but now you are talking about hundreds of dollars…

What do you guys think about the Victorian Romantic Tarot?  Are you drawn to it or is it just your style??

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