I am a fan of a good ritual.  You know, lighting my incense, candles, and sage, spinning my chakras and just getting into the “zone”.  A ritual is a great thing to create and establish when you are developing your psychic and intuitive abilities.  But…don’t get too used to it.

What am I talking about???

It is a good idea to sometimes practice not doing your ritual.  Especially on readings that aren’t really that important – you know, when you want to know what your day is going to be like or what you should cook for dinner.

During these times try focusing in on the psychic energy without all the trappings of your rituals.  It is important not to get bogged down in “having” to do the same ritual every time.  You know what I mean – having to be in your spiritual space, with ten bajillion candles lit and your incense on full blast just to get information from your guides.

I have found a good way to start this practice is to “read” my energy for the day in a variety of places.  This means checking in with my spirit guides and team while brushing my hair in the morning or even getting onto an elevator.  Finding different places and situations to read energy in, without the use of ritual, will make you a stronger psychic and intuitive.

It is also important to learn how to do readings without your standard rituals so that you can get information when you aren’t expecting it.  When your guides really want to pass along information but you have been too busy to sit for your standard meditation.  This is a time when you want to find that receptive state without the pomp and circumstance.

You may also find this practice helpful if you have an interest in doing psychic, tarot or other types of spiritual readings at metaphysical fairs or even out in public.  This way you will be used to having different circumstances and learn how to focus on the information that is coming in, even when someone distracts you with a question or it is your turn to order in line at Starbucks.

But…don’t be one of those people who go up to random strangers and gives them a reading without being asked.  I know this technique has become popularized by tv shows (I’m looking at you Long Island Medium and Monica the Medium), but, to us professionals, this is just bad ethics.  Only give a reading when the other individual says it is okay – no random insights given to strangers walking down the street.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t get those messages, it just means that it is not always important to give the messages.  One part of learning to be a wise individual is to know when it is proper to speak and when it is best to hold your tongue (I know I’m still working on this!!).

So, this week, I encourage you to try to strengthen your psychic muscles when not doing rituals.  See what information you can get.  Now, I will give one caveat – you should make sure you have a good protective routine and know how to connect to a higher level of being and not low vibrational energies when letting go of ritual.  That is why it is important to practice with small readings first.

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