This is a public service announcement for all those individuals out there trying to figure out what to do with their lives.  Remember, a job and a career is not the same thing.  Your life purpose does not need to bring in money and your job does not have to be your life purpose.

I know, you’ve been told all along to focus on figuring out what to do with your life.  But, society isn’t always pointing you in the right direction.  A job does not need to be your life purpose that you incarnated on earth to do.  Life purpose and job are not always interchangeable.

So what is it that I am talking about?

Job vs. Career 

First, let’s talk about the difference between a job and a career – let’s define them.

A job is something you do to make money.  A job can be working at the supermarket or in a cubicle.

A career is more like your life purpose, something that brings you more than just money. Something that defines who you are.

Sometimes we think of doctors and lawyers as having a career.  Especially with doctors, you will sometimes find individuals who incarnated with the purpose of being a healer.  Some of these individuals were lucky enough to find jobs that go with their purpose and make them money.

But not all of us can be this lucky.  Not all life purposes will bring in lots of cash.  Sometimes, you need a job to pay the bills so you can work on your life purpose in other ways.

Astrology 6th vs. 10th houses 

Astrology even differentiates between standard jobs and careers.  Your job “house” – the place on the chart that talks about your day-to-day job – is considered the 6th house. This is where you find information about your co-workers and your demeanor at work.

Click Here to find out what your Astrological Chart says about your 6th vs. 10th house.

Then there is the 10th house. The 10th house is your career and the way you project yourself out into the world.  This is your public self.  Sometimes that public self and your job come together – this is where you get your doctors.  But, sometimes that public self and a job are two separate things.  Think of someone who works at McDonald’s during the week but then spends there free time volunteering at an animal shelter.

If astrology makes this distinction, why is it so difficult for us to see the difference?

Living your Life Purpose 

I’ve done a lot of “Spiritual Insight” readings over the years and seen many different life purposes for individuals.  One thing that is common in all of them is that they are each very unique.  I rarely come across two people with identical life purposes.

Before we incarnate, we craft things we want to accomplish as well as things we want to learn while on earth.  These tasks we create for ourselves are as individual and unique as each of our souls.

I have never received the information that an individual should be a doctor or a lawyer or work in a nail salon.  Instead, I receive information such as an individual is a talented healer or has the skill of destruction in order to show when something is flawed and does not work.  Individuals come here to connect with nature and teach insights – they do not come here to work for Steve in Accounting or be the manager of a Burger joint.

And the thing about life purposes is that they do not always require a job to accomplish them.  Yes, you can be a teacher and teach children, but you can also be an accountant and teach those around you by living a life you enjoy.  Nothing is black and white or so defined in the spiritual world.

Finding a job you enjoy

I know some individuals come to me looking for insight on what job they should be working at.  I myself had that same feeling when faced with what to do after college.  But, you know what, no decision you make is going to be the “right” or “wrong” decision – each is just going to lead you down a different road.

I ended up choosing to go to law school and become a lawyer.  Although that time in the profession is not what my purpose incarnating was about, it did teach me some lessons as well as offer one platform for me to start understanding my purpose (and yes, I did do my own Spiritual Insights reading so I have a greater understanding of why I incarnated).

For you too, there is no perfect job or career you should be seeking.  Instead, each position is just an opportunity for you to live your unique life purpose and learn lessons.

I hope this helped at least some of you out there – I know I scoured the internet and books when trying to figure out what my purpose was and what career path I should embark on – but it wasn’t until I opened up my psychic potential that I really understood that no job can be a life purpose – they can intertwine but there is no one perfect career.

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