The key to developing your psychic senses is to use that muscle and build it up.  You need to do exercises to strengthen your intuition every day, just like a bodybuilder does exercises every day (or most days) to get those ripped muscles.

One issue you may run into with this advice is finding people to use to strengthen that muscle with.  There are only so many times you can ask your BFF if they want a tarot reading or if your grandma has any life-changing questions on her mind that she needs spiritual guidance about.

It is also important when starting to open up your intuition, to give it a little freedom from judgment and criticism.  You don’t want other people shutting down your intuition when you are just lifting 2-pound weights.  And you also don’t want your own judging Judy inside your head to shut you down.

So what are budding intuitionalists to do???

One solution is to connect to your animal and plant friends!  Every tree, every dog, every fish has their own unique energy signature.  Try tuning in and seeing what you pick up.  You may find that you can have a complete conversation with the oak tree outside your window.

No judgments remember.

This is also a way for you to work on learning how to read chakras and auras.  You can use the techniques from my book Chakras and Auras: A Practical Guide to Your Energetic Body to connect with your kitty and see what their aura looks like.  What colors predominate?  Which of their chakras are open and which are closed?  If you have a pet that is experiencing pain, you can also use these techniques to discover where the pain is originating from.

Another activity is to just “read” the energy signature of a plant or animal.  Get in your meditative state and raise your vibration, then see what flashes of insight come to you.  When you focus in on that pine in your front yard do you feel tingling anywhere – see any images – hear any words or songs?  Try to pay attention and see if you can pick up on anything.

For those tarot readers out there, you can also do readings on your pets.  Try that standard past – present – future spread and your pooch or tune into your kitty’s Mind – Body – and Spirit.

Feedback and confirmation are important, but sometimes you just need some practice to get to the point where you are ready for feedback, or you just need more opportunities to strengthen that intuitive muscle.

How about you give it a try.  No harm in asking the potted plant on your desk how their day is going and if they need anything.  Open up that creativity and it will open up your intuition.


  1. What a great post! Ohh I keep getting this message from different places 🙂 I’m going to talk to some trees and plants and well….everything this weekend 🙂 Sharon xx

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