I’m changing it up for this month’s Seven Cups Forecast.   We are going to examine the general energy for each zodiac sign – a general forecast for each sun sign out there.  So, take a look at what energy is coming up for your zodiac sign this September!


The energy for you Aries this month comes from the image of ants marching in a line and that wonderfully catchy tune “the ants go marching”.  This month is a great month to follow the heard.  Stay in line and do what you are told.  Don’t try to break the mold this month, be patient and keep doing what you are doing.


You bulls get the image of drops dripping into a bucket.  This will be a month that just seems plain and boring – you will do the same things you have always done – the same mundane activities.  But, what you need to realize is that each of these little drops – each activity – adds up in the long run.  So, pay attention to what you are adding to your bucket – pay attention to the mundane things you are doing each day.


You Gemini’s have a bull in front of you getting ready to charge.  Are you ready to take action this month?  Grab the “bull by the horns” and get moving on your plans.  This is not the month to stay silent in the sidelines – this is the month to get out there and be noticed.  But, also pay attention to your temper.  Make sure you aren’t getting too upset and don’t ram anyone in the bootie with your horns!


Ah, cancers, you are playing a beautiful tune on your harmonica this month.  And with that tune comes the message to “play your own tune” – to be unique and be different.  Don’t try to hide behind someone else’s lyrics this month.  Let your own music – your own unique self – shine and be heard.


My Leo friends are out there playing a game of hopscotch this month.  Just watch where you are jumping and make sure not to jump on the number with the rock on it.  This is a great month for reliving games and activities from your childhood.  Spend time with youth and let their innocence kindle the fire in you for your own inner child.


Eeek, there is a tornado coming and it is coming for you Virgos this month.  Hold onto your hats, this is a month full of shattering boundaries and taking down the established norm.  A tornado will demolish a house if it has enough power.  Do you want your foundation to be demolished?  Maybe you are ready to rebuild – this month will give you the opportunity to do so.


Croak!  Croak!  This month the Libra’s are getting inundated with toads.  These toads are everywhere.  You better watch where you are going!!  The sound from these animals reminds us to pay attention, not only to where we are going in life but also what we are saying.  Are you speaking before it is your turn?  Are you speaking loud enough so that others know you are here?


Ocean waves are washing over your feet and hitting the sandy shore for you Scorpios out there.  This juxtaposition between land and water creates an opportunity for you watery Scorpios to pay attention to those emotions of yours.  Watch how your emotions are interacting with your day to day reality.  Are you letting them get the best of you or are the waves just tickling your feet?  Be on the lookout this month for any big emotional waves that will knock you off your feet.


It is a money month for those Sagittarius peeps out there.  You have a wad of cash in your hands and you are rifling through the money.  This is a good month for all financial matters, whether it is opportunities to make or spend money.  Have a big purchase you have been thinking about – this is the month to make it.


You are really rolling the dice this month – playing the game and seeing where fate takes you.  It is all up in the air this month for you Capricorns – fate is taking its turn and chance is in the game.  The dice are being thrown and not even this psychic can tell you what numbers are coming up.  Let that energy of anticipation run through you this month and play the game of life!


Ugh, you Aquariuses out there, can you please turn down the volume on that horn of yours – it is getting pretty loud!  But really, that is how you need to be this month – be loud – make sure your voice is being heard.  We want to hear from all your Aquarian out there – we want to hear your opinion – your voice – your song.  Speak loud and speak proud!


My fishy friends, you are riding a speedboat over some rough waves this month.  Some emotional matters may creep up and your first thought is to find a way to get over them fast and quick.  Rev up that engine and don’t let any of those emotional waves stop you from having a good time.

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