I have a new feature I want to introduce you to today!  I am starting up a series where, every Monday, I will introduce you to a guide, spirit entity, or someone across the veil – whatever you want to call them.  I will take some time to let you know about the spirit, what they look like and their name.  Then I will let that entity give a message to the audience, something that they want to get across.

My goal with this series is two-fold.  First, I want to show you what it is like to meet a spiritual being.  It is not something scary, or super esoteric.  This is an example of the work I do in my spiritual readings and what you can learn about your own team who is with you.  I want you to realize that you are not alone, that guides and entities are always around to help and assist you – you just need to ask.

Second, I want to give these beings of light an opportunity to spread a message here and in this time.  To help raise the vibrations of the earth and show the overwhelming feeling of love that exists on the other side.  In this dense world filled with spiritual amnesia, we can often forget what it feels like at “home”.  With these introductions and messages from these guides and spirit beings, I hope to remind you just how wonderful it is over there and how much support you have right now, in this place.

So, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to my main spirit guide – Ezekiel.

Meet the Spirit: Ezekiel 

This guide comes to me in a swirling mix of energy of blues, indigos, and purples.  This form swirls around in front of my face.  I know this is in reference to the book I am currently reading by Michael Newton (Destiny of the Souls) which describes the advancement of a soul based on the color of their energy.  Those souls nearing the color deep purple are those nearest to Source.  When I see this guide as a speck of light with my physical eyes, he takes on a bright blue appearance of energy.

Next, the swirling energy shifts to a scene I have seen before.  This is the image that he first introduced himself as (I am using the “he” pronoun for ease of reference, this energy is both male and female).  I see an older male scientist sitting at a table full of beakers and test tubes.  The energy of the times is of WWII and there is darkness around this figure, with a light shining just on him and what he is doing.

In this image, he picks up a test tube and examines the contents of what is inside.  He is just looking into each tube and then writing and recording what he sees in a book.  Sometimes he mixes two together and watches what happens.

This scene refers to what he is currently doing and what he is currently working with me on.  He is a watcher-type guide, one who is helping me in my observations.  Together we learn to observe and see what happens in a situation.  Specifically, he teaches me about emotions and how emotions interact with each other.

Next, the image morphs to that with his hands steepled together in front of his body with his fingers tapping.  He is ready to keep this introduction moving.

He moves to his name.  He says “I have been called many names just as you have.”  Then he lists off a series of names, some I have called him and some he has been called in other forms.  He starts with “Bob”, a name that I first gave this guide when I was trying to connect with him years ago.  He thinks this is funny because it is such a plain name and not one that many people would think a guide would have.  But, it worked for us in our beginning relationship.

Then, he moves on listing the names Ezekiel, Gregory, Meheendee, Somachee, Eliza, Comtompchee. All names he has taken at some point, in some incarnation.  He likes the vibration of the “ee” sound, and that is representative in many of these names.  There is a wide range of possibilities, and any will work to communicate with him – even Bob.

He knows that I currently use the name Ezekiel to establish our connection.  I know he is around when I feel a gentle touch, a slight tingling sensation on my left cheek.  I get the image in my mind that he is cupping my cheek with his hand, telling me that he is here, that everything is okay.

Next, I ask for what message he has to share today, as this is the first in a series of posts introducing guides and I want each to have the opportunity to share a message.

He shows me the image of a gruff man, very tall, stocky build, with dark colored overalls and a cream colored collared shirt who is carrying many buckets of water.  The water represents his emotions and those of others he has taken on.  He is being weighed down by all these buckets of water, they are getting too much for him to hold.

Then, a woman with dark brown hair and a gossamer pink dress comes forward. She has a little teacup with her.  She takes the teacup and dips it in one of the buckets of water.  Then she drinks that water.

This is a message that we don’t have to carry our emotional baggage alone.  If we open up to other people, if we let them know what we are feeling and be more honest with our emotions, then they can help us relieve ourselves of a little of that baggage.  It won’t be all of it at once, but just a teacup at a time.  Over time, we will feel a difference in the load we carry.  Then, we can pick up our own tea cup and help alleviate the burden of someone else.

Ezekiel is telling me to add that we can depend on spirit entities too, not just people, our guides and those that look after us are always around.  We can ask them to help alleviate some of our emotional burdens.  But, we have free will.  They won’t be able to do this for us unless we ask – and we mean it.  Even then, they won’t be able to interfere if it is something that our higher self wants, something we have planned for.  But, remember, we are never alone.  They are always there to give us support and comfort.  They are always sending us love.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Ezekiel and I look forward to introducing you to more guides and spirit entities across the veil and letting them have this opportunity to spread a message to you.  So, come back next Monday to meet another spirit and receive a message.

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