In all my work with spirit guides, I have found that guides tend to fall into a few categories.  Of course, like all things spiritual and metaphysical, you cannot explicitly put any one entity into any one category because these classifications are man-made and thus for our understanding.  Spiritual understanding from the other side is much different and comes from a different reference point than what we use.

But, since we are on earth and I am writing this from this location, I thought I would classify the different types of Spirit Guides that I interact with.  And if you want to know more about what a spirit guide is – check out my blog post on Spirit Guide Basics or if you would like to learn more about your personal spirit guides, check out my Spirit Guide reading through Etsy.

Main Guide

Everyone has a main guide.  This is the dude (or dudette) who is going to be with you from the beginning.  From before you incarnate until after you leave and many, many lives and times in between.  When I do readings for clients, their main guide usually comes through first (but this is not an absolute).  These guides will then sort of direct traffic on who comes through the door next and what order I meet everyone.

But, with that said, each guide is different.  Some main guides like to have a tighter reign on what information comes through and they direct the “messages” section of readings very closely, while other main guides give the other guides working with the client more leeway to state their information and message.

These main guides are the ones that help us process our lessons when we cross over to the other side and who help us plan and prepare for our next life.  We each have an intimate relationship with these guides, even if we don’t know it.  And, because of this relationship that spans many lifetimes, these guides are sometimes the easiest for us to connect with.

Joy Guide

Joy guides have such a loving and calming energy.  Their main goal is to find ways to lift your vibrations and bring you “joy”.  The “joy” part of their title is something people have been calling this classification of guides for many years now, and I think it is pretty fitting with the energies I interact with.

This category is where I have run into the largest number of guides taking on the appearance of children or young people.  They will have such a loving nature about them that they just make you smile when you look at them.  I like meeting these guides as they help lift my vibrations as well and make readings clearer.

Protector Guide

Protector guides are the ones we call on when we need…guess what…protection.  These guides offer both physical and energetic protection.  They also help to direct our lives to make sure that we don’t get ourselves into too much trouble.  Of course, we have free will and some of us are better at following their subtle signs and assistance more than other individuals.

When I meet protector guides, they tend to take on an appearance that is a little bit intimidating.  Their energy is more forceful and they may appear as a native from an island or a soldier.  This type of guide tends to have an affinity for either “pushing” energy or “blocking” energy.  Like some warriors are better defenders and some are better attackers.

Special Projects Guide 

Probably the most common guide I interact with is what I call “special project” guides.  These are the guides that are working with you on a particular topic or lesson area.  These guides don’t generally stay around with you for your entire incarnation, but come and go as you learn different lessons – of course, if you aren’t learning your lessons they may be around for a while.

These special project guides have a range of personalities and talents.  Some work on a very subtle level while others are more in your face working on manipulating the information around you.

If you wanted to, you could also categorize these guides down even further into different specialties such as healing guides. For those of you in the healing arena, I have found that most individuals have healing guides that help you to direct healing energy or information to the right location and people.  These guides will also help you to attract individuals that can best benefit from your services.

I have also run into guides who help mothers and fathers with their parenting and all the lessons that come from that.  Then there are the guides that help with opening intuition and learning lessons that go along with that such as trusting yourself and having faith in your talents. There are even guides who help business people with getting the right client or the perfect sales pitch.  And then there those guides who help artists out there by putting inspiration into their minds.

We all have special guides around us.  Some of us are more aware of our guides than others, but that doesn’t matter – they are here for each of us in their own unique way which is right for the individual.  So, take some time and say “hi” to your guide – thank them for all the work they do to assist you in this incarnation.

Have you met your guides??  What type of guide do you feel around you??  Let me know in the comments if you have a special relationship with one or more of your guides. 


  1. I have only met three. The first one, a female joy guide, first made contact with me when I was 8 or 9 years old. Another, a man who is professor-ish, or maybe a doctor, adjusted my rainbow lights (chakras) for me before I even knew what they were, LOL! I have not seen the face of the 3rd but it feels like he is male, and surrounded with electric blue energy.

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    1. It sounds like you have a great crew around you! I have found some guides don’t care to show a physical form and are much more comfortable getting their message across as energy. But they all are such a comforting presence!

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