Today I want to introduce you to another Spirit entity who came forward for our benefit and knowledge.

When I asked my guides to bring forward a spirit, Ezekiel made room for a woman to move forward.  The scene was dark without too much light shining in, but I could make out her face.  She appeared as a Native American or First People’s woman, maybe around 20 to 25.  She was shy with her head bent down and her long black hair spread in front of her face.  I couldn’t make out in the darkness what her clothes looked like.

The feelings of being shy and vulnerable were emanating from her body, which I thought was weird and unusual for a guide to come across as not confident.  But, this, I knew, must be part of her message.  So, I asked her how she helps individuals learn and grow.

Now the scene changed swiftly.  She lifted her head up and a beam of light shone on and through her.  The image now appeared that she was standing confidently on a large rock or outcropping.  Her head was thrown back and her shoulders strong and square and there was now a confident gleam in her eyes.

With the light shining on her, it now became apparent that she was wearing an elaborate headdress made of feathers that were white with red painted on the bottom of them.

Looking at her face, it was painted so that half her face was painted red and half was painted white.  This is to represent the duality that exists in the human body.  The red represents the body/brain aspect which exists here on earth.  The white represents the spirit/soul aspect which is eternal.  Together they work to create who we are and who we are to become.

With this image, she works to bring courage to individuals who are afraid to “shine”.  She is also here to show that “God” or Source’s light shines through and on us all.

Next, I asked her her name.  She first gave me a name that was hard for me to write, but it sounded like Maiumbee.  Then I asked for an easier name to go with her image and message and she said that we can call her “Little Waters”.

The name goes along with her message that she brings to us today.  Her message starts out with the image of her paddling in a canoe.  She is paddling really hard because she is trying to go upstream.  Then, she shows me that if you stop paddling so hard and turn the boat around, you can go with the current.  Going with the “current” of life is easier than trying to paddle upstream all the time.  By going with the current, you have the opportunity to take time to enjoy the beauty and wonder of nature which is around you.

We have all likely heard this saying to “go with the flow” and don’t try to go against the current, but what does it really mean?  So, I asked her “what does it mean to go with the current?  How can we do that”.

Now, she through the paddles into the water and said “throw the paddles in so you have to go with the current”, so you have no choice.  She explained that the paddles are really illusory – she showed me the image of her paddling with invisible paddles, explaining that they are created by our thoughts.

Okay, so now I was starting to catch on, but still wasn’t all the way there so I asked – “What are the paddles”.

“The paddles are your thoughts and expectations of what you “should” do and what you believe others think is right.  Really, you don’t need anything to steer your boat, you just think you do.”

Wow, now that is pretty profound.  We should be going with the “current” of life, but instead we try to paddle upstream because we think we need to based on what other people believe.  But, really, if we got rid of other people’s expectations of us and just “went with the flow” of what we believed, then life wouldn’t be so hard and we would get to enjoy the beauty of the world around us.

I know that this can be pretty hard to do – to not think about what other people will say or what judgments they will have – from the littlest things like what we wear to bigger topics like what we do for a living.  It sure takes some courage, and the realization that the light of Source shines through us to realize that we don’t need to depend on other people’s judgments, we just need to go with our own current of life.

Thank you, Little Waters, for being with us today and giving us this beautiful message to think about.  Please join us next Monday to get to know another Spirit entity and learn what powerful message they will bring.

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