Today I want to introduce you to a spirit I met who calls himself Oliver.  This old chap arrived taking on the appearance of a man who appeared to be out of 1850’s London.  He was a tall man with an oversized brown hat on his head and a walking stick or cane, appearing to be between 30-40 years old.

Oliver showed himself to me walking through the streets of London, with the busy scenes taking place behind him.  An old car, a woman working in a bakery, a boy sitting on a pile of hay.   These scenes were shown in a grayish color with only the guide having true tone.  Almost like he was in color and the background was in black and white, only that black and white image was darker and more grey.

This man had on a pair of trousers that had black and grey checker-print all over them.  His jacket was a velvet purple and his appearance reminded me slightly of Willy Wonka from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  The main difference was that his eyes were a bright blue color and his hair sandy blonde cut short against his head.

Oliver tipped his cane at me in recognition of our connection together in this journey.  He then took out a pocket watch to look at the time – a signal to keep things moving.

When I asked him what message he has to bring to this audience today, he showed himself bending at the knees all the way down, then standing up tall again.  At this point, the background image changed to pure white and he repeated the exercise – “up, down, up, down”.

He said this is an exercise in “not coming to God but experiencing God”.  When he is in the elevated position, he is extremely happy and his vibrations are raised to a high level.  In this position, he is almost silly and makes funny faces by sticking out his tongue and smiling and doing a little jig.  When he is in the down space he is more serious and stoic. His face is stern and he seems a little sad.

This, he says, relates to the fact that when you raise your mood you elevate your state of consciousness.  It is in that space of silliness and joy that your vibrations rise and we can connect to our true essence.

But, a raised consciousness is not the only connection we have to the divine.  Oliver points out the contrast between his “dark checkered” pants and his purple jacket.  Both the “dark” and the “light” or elevated consciousness exist in his wardrobe – just as both the “low” and the “high” exist in the same place – both are part of the divine.

He says that it is up to you which end you experience. Both the “low” and the “high” have divinity in their own unique way – both are different spectrums of “God” or “Source” or whatever you call it.

You have the choice what part of the divine your choose to experience.  It is your choice.

Thank you, Oliver, for taking the time to be here and bring this message to us.  May blessings be upon you.

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