Since we have met a few spirit entities now, I wanted to take a little time to talk about the different ways spirits choose to come through and identify themselves to us in this physical dimension.  Let me give you a clue, they do not actually look like how they present themselves to me while they are in the spirit world.

Across the veil, these entities are swirls of color and light energy.  They can take on a distinct form or shape if they choose, but their essence is that of light and color.  Not all entities choose to incarnate here on earth so not all entities will have an earthly body.

I mainly channel entities that call themselves Spirit Guides.  You can read my post about what Spirit Guides are, but basically, at one point in time, they spent some time incarnating here on earth.  It is from this past experience on earth that they understand the dense energies and can better guide us with our own journey.

Because of these past experiences, these spirit guides know what a human figure looks like and the different characteristics that generally come about to form a human figure.  They have also lived many past lives (hint, hint, just like most of us have).  It is from this broad range of experience that they have the ability to take shape.

But, side note here, the form and presentation they take on is also limited to the material that is available in my or the channelers head.  Yep, you heard that right, spirits from the other side must use what is in our heads to communicate with us.  This is one reason why it is important for those in this field to read and study many different systems and cultures.  It will give the spirit entities more reference points to use when they come through.  If I have not seen or heard of a certain culture, it will be difficult for me to put into words the images that I am seeing.

The way a spirit guide chooses to come through also depends on the culture at the time.  Back during the heyday of the spiritualist movement, many guides came through as Native Americans.  This is because there was a preconceived notion that Native Americans had this high wisdom and people would respect what they had to say more than say, a guide coming through as a young woman.  Even the famous spiritualist guide Red Cloud stated that he took that name and the appearance of a Native American because it was more respected during that time period.

But, this is not the case today, and now guides seem more inclined to come through in a variety of guises and appearances.  What I have noticed, is that there seem to be two ways that guides usually come through.  These two can also be combined at times to create a unique message.

The first is when a guide chooses a form they had in a previous life that they really enjoyed.  The entity will take on the appearance they felt comfortable with and maybe their name during that time when they had incarnated.  This usually works best for more recent civilizations that we currently have a knowledge base about.  Coming through as a life from 100,000 years ago may not come across to us now as clear as coming through as a life from 200 years ago.  The guide Oliver that we met earlier did this, coming through as an individual from the 1850s.  This is also a name that he had during this time period.

Another way that guides sometimes present themselves is in a form and that is more symbolic or representative of a concept they are trying to get across.  In this situation, they will pick their clothing and their appearance to represent certain qualities.  Even their name will have special meaning.  The guide Little Waters we met did this, appearing as a Native American woman.

But, sometimes there is a combination of these two.  I see this specifically with the clothing that a guide will choose to wear.  Take Oliver who wore black and grey checkered pants and a purple velvet jacket.  He specifically wore these colors to show how the spectrum of “light” and “dark” can exist in the same person, in the same situation.  This was not a favorite outfit of his from his time on earth.

I find that the majority of guides will do this combination thing – using an image that combines a past life they enjoyed and are familiar with along with symbolism and clothing that represents a specific message.  But, there are some guides who like to go purely symbolic and don’t give a past life image to work from.

Each guide is truly unique and we should cherish their unique energies and insights they bring.  If you would like to know more about your guides, check out my Spirit Guide Readings from my Etsy store.

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