This week’s current read is “Evidence of Eternity: Communicating with Spirits for Proof of the Afterlife” by Mark Anthony.

I will say, this book was a nice quick and refreshing read. There are many books on the market by mediums who tell stories of their work, and, yes, this is another one of those. But, Anthony is a great storyteller and I found myself quickly engrossed in his description of what he calls “interdimensional communication”. His stories draw the reader in and I found myself losing focus on what time it was and where I was supposed to be next.  I was reading this book in the pick-up lane at my daughter’s school and was quite surprised when she was standing, waiting for me to open the door.

Anthony comes from a genetic line of mediums and has had paranormal experiences since childhood. The stories of his relatives and their encounters with the spirit world provide a nice backdrop to explaining who he is and where he comes from.  He explains a variety of different types of psychic and mediumship experiences he and his family have had over the years.

Another aspect of his personality which is prominent throughout this book is the fact that he is a lawyer. In fact, he has trademarked the name “Psychic Lawyer” and uses that in his work. As a former lawyer myself, I’m a little leery of other attorneys and the ego that sometimes accompanies the field. Anthony sets aside that ego and comes from a loving and heart-centered space.

Anthony also seems to be a student of religion and spends some time in various chapters referencing what different religions have thought and believed about the spirit world. He is a Catholic (it seems most of the great mediums of this century grew up Catholic) and brings a perspective of this work from that faith.

Overall, this was a quick and fun read. I randomly picked it up off a shelf at the bookstore and I’m glad I did. Some of the stories in this book have stuck with me for days.

Have you read this book?  Who is your favorite medium?

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