Today we are privileged to be in the presence of a spirit who calls herself Allatoona.  She appears as an older woman of Indian descent.  She is slightly hefty, with some meat on her bones and olive toned skin.  She wears a red/magenta bindi on her forehead.

Allatoona has black hair with many streaks of grey throughout it.  She wears it pulled back into a low ponytail.  But she thinks that word ponytail seems funny to say with the picture of this older wise woman I am painting here.  She wears a tan colored sari and is holding a ruby colored crystal in her hand.

Now Altoona opens both her arms in a welcoming gesture and says “Welcome my children”.

I asked Allatoona what message she has for us today.  She takes out the crystal again and shows it to me.  It is at once both a shiny red and magenta crystal.  She takes the crystal and places it into the air where it stays put and starts to rotate.  It glistens while it spins.

Next, Allatoona takes her hands and puts them above and below the crystal, about eight inches away on both sides.  She moves her hands around the crystal showing that it has an energy field around it that is shaped like a circle.  When she moves her hands this way it is apparent that the crystal is at the center – is the core – of a larger sphere.

I asked Allatoona what this image means, to explain the symbolism further.  She said “don’t forget the power inherent in mother earth.  She takes and she receives the children of her womb.  She has a power, a core, an essence all her own.”  Here she relates that the crystal here is representative of the core of the earth.

Next, she pushes the sphere away from her.  She relates that we are pushing the earth away from us.  But, as she pushes the earth away, it bounces back into place like it has a bungee cord attached. She relates that whenever we push the earth away, it will always come back.  “You can’t ever rid yourself of your connection to mother.  She is always a part of the essence of you, even when you have crossed beyond”.

Next, she says “instead of pushing her away”, then she takes a ladle and places it into the earth sphere, pulls it out, then drinks from it, showing that we should “drink” from the energy of the earth.  “She will revitalize your energy”.

What a beautiful message from Allatoona, to draw energy from the earth instead of trying to push it away.  That we are part of the earth and that will stay with us, even when we cross to the other side.

Thank you for your time with us today Allatoona.  May blessings be upon you.

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