Changing it up again this month.  The guides suggested we take it weekly to look at what energy is headed our way.  Want to know what to expect?  – Read on!

Week 1 – Slingshot

This first week of October is like a slingshot that will project us into the rest of the month.  This is the week of pulling back and preparation.  This is the time before the slingshot is let go of and the rock is released into the world, with the anticipation of where it might land.

Now is the time to do the grunt work.  Make the phone calls and emails to set up appointments for later in the month.  Take some time to write down your goals or even just spend some time daydreaming on the couch about what you want the rest of the month to look like.

This is the week to aim that slingshot.  This is the week to prepare.

Week 2 – pyramid

The second week of October is categorized as a pyramid.  I am seeing the pyramid that is located on the American dollar bills.  This will be a week of deciding where your financial situation is going.  What do you want the pinnacle – the top of the pyramid – to get to.

Take some time and look at each category of your spending.  Is there a big adventure or item you are saving towards?  A debt you are looking to pay off.  Pay attention this week to events or circumstances that will come your way that have the potential to add to your pile – your pyramid – of cash.  Boss asks you to work late a day this week for overtime – say yes.  A new client randomly walks through the door – welcome them with coffee and tea.  A project idea suddenly pops into your head – pursue it!

Week 3 – Fishing

The third week of October is like fishing.  If you have followed my work for any length of time you may have seen this symbol come up previously.  Fishing is my indication that this is a time of waiting. The bait is in the water and you are waiting to see if there are any walleye ready to bite.

This is not a week to make any major decisions.  Just play by the rules and wait out any situation that may seem tense.  Now is the not time to jump the gun and make a phone call complaining about something that hasn’t been done – you never know what life circumstances may crop up in the other person’s life.  Instead, just be patient.  Practice your breath work and find that inner stillness.

Week 4 – Cake

The fourth week of October is a time to celebrate – there is cake!  Who doesn’t like a good cake?  Our cake this month is chocolate with chocolate frosting and pink frosting edging around the top.  A cake is a sign of celebration and joy and that is what dominates this week!

Take a cue from the children you see wearing costumes this week and find some of that inner joy to just be happy you are alive.  Find something, anything to celebrate this week.  It could be that you finally got through all the emails in your inbox – yay, congratulations!  It could be that you landed that big client that came in during week 2 – grab yourself a slice of cake and celebrate.  Don’t take life too seriously this week, have a little fun!

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