This week’s current read is “Death at First Sight: a Bay Island Mystery” by Lena Gregory.

I am a fan of a good cozy mystery, especially if that mystery has a side of woo-woo involved. In this book, we meet Cass, a divorced psychiatrist operating a psychic shop in a beach community. What becomes abundantly clear right away is that Cass doesn’t actually think she is psychic – just “intuitive”.  In this book, Cass becomes the prime suspect in a murder case and must work to clear her name – with the help of her best pals and a new canine friend.

Overall, I thought this was a cute and quick read. A nice fun novel to entertain and relax to at night before going to bed. The plot was good and had me guessing until the end – which doesn’t always happen in this genre of books.

The only thing I didn’t love about this book is the portrayal of the main character as a psychic. This woman opens up a shop but doesn’t believe she is actually psychic – I call BS on that. First, being intuitive is the same thing as being psychic – so really, the main character is a psychic, she just doesn’t admit that she is. If it wasn’t for the fact that she is a true psychic, I probably would be writing a more scathing review as I am not a fan of people pretending to be psychic, even if it is just in a book – it gives us a bad name and furthers a stereotype.

But, what is clear if you understand psychic abilities, is that the main character in this book knows “intuitively” how to get psychic information – she just doesn’t know that is what she is doing. Clearing her mind and letting images come to her – yep, that is what a psychic does! Honing in on people’s emotions that you “feel” – yep, empath ability right there.

I didn’t realize this review was going to end up being a rant about the character’s “intuitive” abilities – but that looks like what you get here!

As a whole, I did enjoy this book and I have already downloaded the second from my library. If you just want a fun little mystery – this one is worth picking up!

Do you like cozy mysteries?  What is your favorite mystery? 

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