Guys, I have something I want to talk to you about today…the importance of learning.  I know, I know.  You aren’t in school anymore, you likely don’t want to go to the library and check out any books.  But, being a perpetual learner is very important in the metaphysical field.

I have come up with three reasons (there are likely many more) why you should always be learning if you are doing spiritual work:

The more you know – the more the spirit can communicate

One facet of spirit communication that people aren’t always aware of is that the entity coming through is limited by what is available in the channelers own brain.  That is right, they have to use the raw material that is available in your mental files to come up with their own unique message.

If the medium or channeler has never smelled the scent of Old Spice, your grandfather isn’t going to verify his existence to you with that scent.  It just isn’t in the medium’s brain to work with – they wouldn’t know how to describe that scent to their client.  Just as if you have never seen a tarot deck, me saying that I have the three of cups isn’t going to mean anything to you.  I am just speaking gibberish to you.

That is why it is important for those involved in this spiritual work to always continue learning.  And you don’t just have to read metaphysical books.  Seeing movies and documentaries about a variety of different subjects can open you up to more information.  I know I need to spend some time sitting in front of a map learning which country goes where.

If you are interested in practicing energy healing, perhaps take some time to study up on anatomy and physiology so that those on the other side can help guide you to the correct spot that needs healing.  I learned this lesson quickly that a basic overview of the bodily system is vitally important when passing on health-related messages.  Remember – the more you know, the more the spirit world can work with.

Knowing it is possible

Another reason it is important to continually be learning in this field is that the more you open yourself up to different techniques, the more you realize what is possible for you to do.  If you have never heard of auras and chakras, you aren’t going to realize what the colors around a person are when you see them.  This may even make it harder for you to recognize that there is something different with a scene.

Learning about different techniques and exercises that other individuals in this field use also grounds them in your reality.  Learning that spirit guides exist makes it possible for you to connect with your own spirit guide.

I find that reading the works of major players in this field who have studied the metaphysical realm for many years really opens me up to a better grasp on the possibilities of what can come through.  The work of Michael Newton helps me to understand the intricacies of the spirit world and what the different colors of lights mean.  The work of Brain Weiss shows me the importance of past lives and their healing potential.  The world of Robert Schwartz shows me the work and detail that goes into planning a human life and the many connections we create for ourselves.

Basically – having the groundwork of what is possible in this field will give you the opportunity to try it out and see if you can connect in this way.

Know your History

How many times do you have to be told that it is important to know the history of any subject?  Do you know the history of psychic work or mediumship?  Do you know the major players in this field?

Okay, to be honest, I may just have written this point in here because I have a fascination with spiritualism and what the mediums of decades past were able to accomplish.  But, I find it interesting when speaking with others in this field that they may not be aware of the history and past.

For example, did you know that what most mediums practice today is coined “mental mediumship” because it is all done with the mind?  Previously, “physical mediumship” was much more popular.  Spirits could actually aport physical items during a session. Voices of deceased loved ones could be heard.  Ectoplasm could change the appearance of the medium to look like a deceased loved one.  I know, this is harder to accept than that mental connection, but it exists and is still around, it just isn’t as popular as it once was.

I have been amazed as I read the books of the past great Spiritualists about how much of this history and knowledge has been forgotten in just a few generations.  It is up to us to keep this information alive and relevant.  And you can do this by learning and reading about these past greats.

Okay, so did I convince you that you need to renew your library card?  How about if I tell you that some of these great works are available for free online, especially the older stuff.  You really have no excuse with the number of resources out there in today’s world not to take just a few minutes every day to educate yourself. 


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