This’s week’s book is Class of 1983 by Victoria Maxwell.

Victoria is an indie author and Class of 1983 is her debut novel. In this Ya fiction, the main character travels back in time to 1983. There she must navigate a new high school social structure, fall in love and ultimately decide “when” she wants to live.

I really enjoyed this book and was quickly drawn in by both the characters and the plot. I’m an avid reader of YA fiction and this book stands up well with others of a similar genre. Although I figured out the plot before everything was revealed, that is quite common when you have a psychic reading a genre that is very familiar.

If there were any criticism that I could bring to this book it is the length. It is an indie book and there was no editor with a heavy hand to strike out sections that don’t need to be there. I would say about 1/7th of the book could be cut to make it more concise – but that didn’t stop me from enjoying it.

The writing in general and descriptions of the characters really brought each individual to life. You can easily imagine what each character in each time period looks and sounds like.

The end up the novel sets up perfectly for a sequel and I had that sense of disappointment when I realized it hasn’t even been written yet!! I hope that Victoria continues this series and we get to know the characters for decades to come!

I would recommend this book to any individual who enjoys YA fiction, time travel or likes to support a fellow tarot reader. This book reads like something a major publisher should pick up and promote.

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