I was asked a few weeks ago about my beliefs in God and whether or not I believed in the existence of a – or multiple – gods.  Since I like to tell you my opinion and I don’t shy away from controversial topics, I thought I would let you know my thoughts on this lofty subject.

Now, first, I think it depends on how you define God and what people are really talking about when they talk about the existence of God.  This is where, I believe, a lot of people get sidetracked.  They may both use the same word – God – to describe two different things.

I believe you have to look deeper at what you are actually defining to talk about the existence – or not – of a God.

God in all things

Many people say God is in all things.  I believe this when we talk about God as the creator of this world and this life we live in.  I believe that we are, and have been, constantly creating this earth we live on since its inception.  It may not have been our specific piece of energy that created the earth, but it was something like our soul being that made this place – only at a higher level.

From reading the works of Michael Newton on past life regression, he has found souls who remember working on forming lifeforms for different planets.  It was part of their creativity training and their work to learn how to shape and mold energies.

I believe it was lifeforms similar to this, who, billions of years ago, formed this planet earth.  Through their work and practice, they created the trees and the animals that are now around today.  These beings were the ones who manipulated genetics to come up with just the right type of animal for just the right type of habitat.

In tandem with this idea, I believe that we, right now, are currently creating the world in which we live.  I am of the belief that our thoughts have energy.  Guess what – scientists are now agreeing with this ancient concept too.  I believe that the energy and vibrations from our thoughts are currently creating the world, even the physical world in which we live.

My study of metaphysics has taken me to the work of a lot of different people and entities.  Through the work of Seth, I have learned that weather systems are a great example of how we can see our thoughts in action.  Have a lot of people who get upset and agitated, look at the weather that is produced around their location.

So, you want to blame that storm that took down your house on God?  How about blaming it on your neighbors instead?  How about taking ownership of the fact that you were implicit in that storm as well – that you are and are a part of God.

Okay, so, yes, I believe that God the creator is in all things, including you and me, because we are all constantly creating.

God as a thought construct

Now, how about the old man sitting in the clouds passing judgment on people?  What if we define God in a more religious sense.  Well, guess what, I believe that type of God exists as well.

Now, hold on, I ask you to leave your mind open here.  Why am I saying this?  Well, it goes back to the fact that we are all creators.  Our minds and thoughts create things – they create weather and they also can create this energy of God.

If you have millions of people thinking and believing in a God for thousands of years, what do you think the chances are that a God energy exists out there.  This energy that everyone has put forth may even have creative powers.

This isn’t a new way of thinking.  The ancient Jewish people have the concept of a Golems – a physical creature that they can create and animate with just their thoughts.  This is a possibility and it can exist.  And this concept and idea are found in a variety of cultures across the world.

But, if millions of people have created this God of the Bible, this also means that there is a possibility that other gods and goddess exist as well.  People believe in a variety of gods and goddess – and their creative force is just as potent as yours.

God as source

Now, if we want to talk about who is it that created us the creator.  Who is it that put our essence into existence.  Then, I still have some questions myself, but I feel there is a God as a Source.  The Source that manifested us.  The idea that we are a part of something larger and through our lives and lessons we eventually become closer to touching this source again.

The closest scientific-esq information I have found on this topic is also from Michael Newton.  He found souls who were in the room where new soul essences where brought into being.  But, even these souls, did not know at a fundamental level what source is.

I believe that our limited and finite ideas that we have here on earth limit us to conceive of what source actually is.  It is hard for us to conceive of something that isn’t replicated here on earth – so it is hard for us to understand what this source actually is.

I also believe that we won’t necessarily learn about that source, or may not even care about it when we transition to the other side.  It may still be an unknown to us.

So, how about you, do you believe in a God?  Do you believe in the God of the bible or some other religious text?  Do you believe in gods and goddesses?  How about taking this controversial topic and understanding what your true beliefs are on it.  Trust me, whatever you believe has merit, even if you don’t believe in anything.

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